keeping your life affordable and good exercise too

got hired to model at a new to me art college and think i found a free place to park (and totally legal and safe) 20 minutes away walking wise- really try and avoid pay parking lots! of all places colleges should have cheap or free parking for students and staff/visitors if you ask me! $5 to $8 to park when i model is just silly so i’d rather go on a nice walk for the exercise and free parking when i have time! some places i model the parking is free and one is only $1.00 which i happily pay. free is the best though. im a tight wad!

better exercise too 🙂 i refuse to spend money unless i have to so i can stay financially safe.i ride my bike to some model gigs if the parking is a rip off and/or traffic is jammed with cars. bicycle is sometimes faster than driving!