fitshani admit this whole weight loss thing with fasting and eating more fat and less carbs is easy for me because i quit wheat and grains 6 years ago so going even lower on carbs was not that much of a change and i love healthy fats and was “chubby” but had good cardiovascular fitness and strong firm muscles from years of exercising. i was already pretty healthy and “fit” just had extra fat on my body due to eating foods and eating to often which helped my body store fat. “health” is not just whether someone is “fat” or “lean” it’s about muscle tone, blood sugar, insulin levels, so many different levels to “health”. i was already healthy i just now want to be leaner and maintain my muscle tone as i age and keep my hormones balanced. eating low carb, low sugar and high in healthy fat and medium amounts of protein is very good for your brain and skin and keeping your insulin levels low, resting from eating and not snacking between meals helps your hormones stay balanced- insulin is a hormone- it’s all connected to all the other hormones in your body. i am fascinated by nutrition and how to body works. i am my own science experiment. the biggest change i made is “resting” from eating. “fasting” is resting from digestion basically…and this allows your body to burn it’s own fat after it’s done burning the glycogen stored from eating food. fasting also gives your body time and space and energy to repair itself on a cellular level. eating 6 small meals a day keeps your insulin HIGH and you cannot burn fat or repair your body if it’s always have to digest food and burn calories or store them as fat. fasting is the healthiest thing i have done it feels like! i feel younger and happier fasting several hours then eating. i usually fast 16 to 18 hours a day. 8 of those hours is sleeping! so really i just skip one meal a day instead of having 3 meals a day and i have no snacks between meals and i put salt in my water and take electrolytes to keep my mineral balance because when you fast and eat low carb, higher fats your kidneys release more sodium/minerals so you need more. i exercise everyday usually walking or riding my bike….usually before i eat anything. it feels good to exercise on am empty stomach! i never thought i’d say that! i don’t count calories- i eat until full but only low carb, high fat, medium protein and only in my eating window time. #keto #fasting #nutrition #health #lchf