Was interviewed by Six Miles To Supper

Excited to share this video interview I did today with Kayla Cox from the inspiring channel “six miles to supper” it was fun sharing some of my thoughts on nutrition and fasting with Kayla who has burned off 80 pounds in a very healthy way – I forgot to mention even my cat is benefiting from special eating plan- low carb raw meat diet for cats – he’s mildly diabetic and I have been able to keep him off insulin and manage his blood sugar issues with food alone!

(I opted out of insulin for my cat because there’s a risk his sugar could get to low – then he’d be on a roller coaster ride of blood sugar up and down – he’s very happy and doing well on his raw frozen meat diet I get him
At the health food pet store. (They say diabetes is getting higher for cats and dogs- lots of carbs in some of their food sadly) and meat has almost no carbs- much more natural for dogs and cats)