want to do your own radio show or podcast? it’s free and easy

someone just asked how to do a podcast “radio” show. i just emailed this person back and thought i’d share here too in case anyone wants to start their own show. it’s fun if you like to record your voice and you write or do improv or want to share your music or interview people etc.

you need a microphone, computer and a free program called “audacity” then record, edit and turn into mp3 to upload to mixcloud.com or your choice of free website to store audio.

there is also a smart phone free app called “anchor” where you can record from your phone directly and upload to anchor and it allows you to also upload to itunes and google play

you could also put your podcast on youtube and use photos of you as visual if you wanted to share there also…i did that here:


i use mixcloud as it’s free:

after i record i then post in all my blogs about it and twitter etc. and spread the word. not sure how many listeners i have but i just keep recording cuz it’s fun!

i also air my show on hollow earth radio: