Shannon Kringen poem 11/24 2018: seas greens seize green

seas greens seize green/ soulmate socks an array of metallic leotards green/ vibrating patterns/ creating that Strobe effect/ do you neglect to catch infinite intricate patterns/ notice who you are be beyond your addictions, superstitions, afflictions/ seeing mud puddle vortex doorways into parallel portals/ wandering light Take flight to ignite/ water seeds/ leading to new kinds of feeding it’s Freeing/ candidly so/ sewing sequins in your mind/ lining the time with presence/ letting go of tick-tock’s/ evoke the stoked every minute is now/ illicit delicious fasts and feasts. Beyond greed/ underneath the weeds/ feeding the Freed/ keep score that feeling of encore! in the core crispy green tart apples fertilize hormonal balance/ drink from the chalice/ delighted by the end of fighting/ tides turned/ earning worth/ like a worm/ one with soil/ heart and soul glowing. Paint that glitter Flickr and twitter/ iridescent hummingbird wings fluttering near nectar/ opalescent teal duck feathers warmed in cold/ skin shades ranging green to purple pink and orange to yellow/ learning to mellow with me fella/ sometimes missing Stella Bella but now kissing keesoon/ monkey boy/ orange furr blowing/ chomping on the Fresh green grass/ lion eyes inside my psyche/ Orangutan likes to see your ears dear/ that is clear/ full spectrum queer/ to conventional binary non binary/ beyond duality/ drop the formality/ be casual with me/ we are Freed: indeed/ doing organic lanterns land turns… nectarines and sour cream dream baby dream

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