the irony of fearing democratic socialism is there is less extreme poverty with it!


And poverty is worse when we have unregulated capitalism. “socialism” varies like anything else. I’ve been to many European countries and stayed with friends benefiting from democratic socialism and Australia and seen first hand the good kind of socialism= public service healthcare with zero fear of large medical bills, well funded mass transit, huge beautiful train stations, lots of amazing museums, public art, bike racks, roads and water that are well maintained, pay phones, better prices on mobile phone services, higher speed internet and lower bills (my friend in the uk pays 1/2 what I pay for both internet and mobile phone) and yes higher taxes but the money is used to take care of society as a whole and not to line the pockets of the wealthy! And Canada – healthcare alone we can learn from when built into public services. Democratic socialism helps keep capitalism more ethical for citizens overall rich or poor or middle class.