There are many people helped with medical conditions by eating differently. Drugs and surgery sometimes make things worse. Here is a movie telling a story of how ketogenic eating helped stop seizures in one little boy who was getting worse and worse on several medications and they wanted to do surgery on him that was risky. Ketogenic eating helps many people with seizures and epilepsy- the movie stars Meryl Streep and several cast members are seizure free from eating keto (which is high fat, low carb, medium protein) . Other conditions helped are diabetes type 1 and 2. And obesity and joint pain, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, skin conditions and more… it’s scary to me the way the mainstream medical system sometimes harms more than helps. Medical schools should teach nutritional effects on the body as one of the core principles of medicine instead of focusing on drugs and surgery. It’s not a fringe idea to change the way you eat to
Improve your health. Nutrition is powerful to the body chemistry. Nutrition is part of solid science!


my cat and i both are thriving on high fat low carb eating! i feed my cat raw meat with no carbs- special frozen food made for cats and hes thriving despite being mildly diabetic and he does not need insulin. and i am more mentally stable and lost 22 pounds so far eating this way and feel great. i also fast 16-18 hours a day