Goddess KRING radio monologue- giving homeless people food and my healthy fats!

12/27/18 monologue on: I just gave a homeless man a banana and some guacamole and he seemed so happy…he almost cried and I almost cried…I think he was legit- he was begging on the side of the road with a sign that just said “food please” and he was so thankful and he said God bless you etc it was nice and felt good…I hope his day is better…I feel awful about the growing homeless population in Seattle…every homeless person has a story and multiple reasons for their situation….best to not assume or judge I think…don’t underestimate what a small gesture of kindness can do. If everyone did more kind things for each other it would be contagious – and yes we need to push to change laws and improve things tax the wealthy, have single payer healthcare AND two songs i made and nutrition talk