why i believe in democratic socialism mixed with capitalism

people who call themselves “Christian” who are conservative make no sense to me. speaking of Jesus Christ, democratic socialism is Christian and Unregulated Capitalism is not. i am not religious but i do believe in ethics and helping those less fortunate/love thy neighbor, and cooperation and treat others how you want to be treated etc. basic common sense and good hearted principles & wisdom. work hard AND get well paid for it, and pay taxes that help society as whole not just the wealthy. democratic socialism mixed in with capitalism keeps it more ethical and makes society more functional and healthy as a whole. i have friends in Europe i have visited and i admire their healthcare system which is part of democratic socialism and beautiful well funded train stations, more holiday time and social benefits. a less stressful life overall. not Eutopia but not as cut throat competitive as surviving in the USA. (AND NO ONE GOES BANKRUPT FROM MEDICAL BILLS) in a democratic socialism culture corporations are not allowed to pay entry level workers $7.50 an hour while their CEO makes way too much- the wages climb a staircase- in the USA there is EXTREME poverty and EXTREME wealth and not much in between anymore. this is not healthy. there is fear and resentment between rich and poor- when wages are more fair and everyone pays their fair share in taxes and healthcare is for everyone and mass transit and social services are well funded there is less anger and stress between people from different income levels etc.