in the USA it’s all about competition and not enough about cooperation.

make America White/great again (is very Hitler like- talking years before the Holocaust when it started with mild propaganda blaming Jews and Communists for Germany troubles, now the USA is blaming immigrants for American troubles) it’s the powers that be (Military Industrial Complex and Deregulated Capitalism, the wealthy 1% hoarding/embezzling money, loop holes in the law allowing them to avoid paying taxes while lower income pay MORE in taxes, keeping the rest of the population poor, economic injustice, low wages for the masses- WAY TOO HIGH WAGES FOR CEO’S, rip off healthcare etc. as a “for profit” business and not a public service covering all equally like it is in most other nations: lots of money wasted on greed and not enough money spent on social programs, fixing the water systems, bridges, mass transit, high speed trains not funded, money wasted on price goughed healthcare for profit instead of CUTTING costs and covering everyone equally rich poor, young, old, sick and healthy= that are the problem not immigrants! HUGE military budget way too bloated to sustain. ECONOMIC INJUSTICE is the biggest problem in the USA. no rules on big pharma and how much they can charge. no limit. “freedom for corporations” to make as much money as they want HARMING average non wealthy citizens, American medications costing sometimes 20 times more than the cost in other nations, people dying or going bankrupt due to medical costs that are jacked up as high as humanly possible. this stuff should be ILLEGAL. THAT’S WHAT ANGERS ME NOT IMMIGRANTS coming here. unethical laws need to change. and IMAGINE if you survive one of these stupid USA shootings you will then need to worry about HUGE MEDICAL BILLS. $$$ USA,INC. needs to EVOLVE into a more humane nation. in the USA it’s all about competition and not enough about cooperation.