stonesmeCreative writing August 17, 2019
by Shannon Kringen.

Jaggerisms mannerisms/ trust the inner thrust it’s a must!

Jaggerisms mannerisms/ trust the inner thrust/ it’s a must! Tom Petty dreams. Hypnotised by the Jagger spell. Jagger mannerisms feeling the dreamy energy/ antidote to the nope nope nope/ negative human events/ violent tragedies/ expression of fear and anger feeding the duality/ human fallacy/ us versus them/ failing to see/ the unity in diversity. Captivated by echo in the canyon/ harmonising heart and mind/ fusing folk and rock ‘n’ roll/ California sound back to the best aspects of San Diego childhood/ knock on Woody Guthrie/ Dylan Petty forever Neil Young/ music washes away the dung. as magic as a green metallic beetle/ opalescent scent of that sound/ Morph to Tom Petty in a gourmet chocolate shop/ I noticed him talking to somebody about guitars while I was making a drawing in the kring style/ I glanced over at him giving him a knowing look of I really like your music but I don’t want to bother you don’t worry I respect you I’m not some creepy fan and he kind of nodded and smiled back at me like thank you for giving me my space. I went back to doing my art work and I was enjoying the smell of marzipan and chocolate in the air when Tom Petty walked past me and tapped me on the shoulder and said hey Shannon Kringen I know who you are you’re the art lady who wanted to paint me a top hat and I know that you are a solid hearted authentic human with depth and sincerity/ not some shallow groupie/ with that I got up and walked over towards him and said I’m so glad you said that can I give you a hug? and he said yes/ I hugged him and felt a strong heart and mind connection along with some romantic attraction/ I asked him if I could kiss him on the neck and he nodded and I said please Tell your wife Dana thank you so much for the loving words we shared on Instagram. Tom Petty replied well of course that’s exactly what matters in life is sincere connections. Fade into another Dream about meeting somebody who had never heard of Tom Petty or heard any of his music and it made me burst into tears and I said you’ve got to hear hypnotic Eye! And his full body of work/ each album is like a novel/ each song telling a story. Woke up from that dream crying for real and actually cried myself back to sleep thinking of artists who don’t have the full body of work appreciated and only known for a surface level value of what they do. The words no filler came to mind and thinking about Tom Petty records every song well done/ no filler songs. No filler morphs to no filter the name of the Rolling Stones 2019 tour/ no cheesy go through the motions/ rest three days perform one night rest again three days rinse repeat/ not cheating/ highest quality fine aged humans like fine wine/ 76-year-old fine Jagger-Richards wine. 76 and counting what a longevity blessing/ so refreshing/ lit up from within/ outward expression matching sensual sexual charge/ electrical human/ free wild expression. On a practical level avoided special event parking ranging from $40 to $60 bucks five dollar bottled water/ probably tap/ tap into frugal ways $2.75 bus ride/ zero traffic jam/ thanks m’am/ bring your own empty vessel/ fill with filtered water/ at the no filler stones show/ what a treasure/ beyond measure 81, 90, 19 (i saw the stones live in 1981, 1990 and 2019)