Creative Writing by Shannon Kringen Sept. 14, 2019:

Inner Judge, voice of varying choices. vices/addictions/advice/

where’s the new juicy thoughts?

chop off a chunk of the lot.

let go, create space

new opportunity

here now/ always now.

ad the vice of advice

squeezed between lines

unwind time

nose knows

the yes and no

scented neuroplasticity

mirror neurons


affirm what you desire

build bridges, see through walls.

cross the rubicon.

commit allow inner guidance.

do the flying dance.

pros and cons.

wealth within

begin again

beginners mind.

happenstance romance.

sit with the mystery of silence.

glided inviting wise mind.

in spring play the case


radiates grounded top soil.

barefoot in the green.

standing on neutral land.

nature never bland.

life’s filled with ampersand

and and and (& & &)

so much abundance

give that a chance.

lift up/lift off.

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