on the kobe bryant death: i am a female and i feel it’s STILL SAD when anyone dies in a plane crash no matter who they are and if they have done abusive/rape things or not. i actually think it’s gross that some humans think a person accused and or guilty of rape does not deserve “rip”. it is sad when someone dies in a tragic accident even if they do harm to others in their past. kobe bryant was a human being, an athlete, a father, a husband AND someone who did abusive things- i know hardly anything about him but i still think it’s sad that he and several others died in the helicopter crash including his 13 year old daughter. etc. sad to me the way humans “dehumanize” others who make bad choices and do harm- and act as if the whole person is just whatever bad things they have done and forget about all the good things this person probably did. #kobebryant #rip #condolances