Is Bloomberg really trying to help us get a new better potus? or is he there to screw up the Bernie campaign so in another words is it true that Bernie has no chance or do we decide that? I know this is not a democracy (it’s an oligarchy) and our voting system is pretty absurd in the United States which is not united at all- really but I don’t want to focus on being angry or scared. I want to focus on keeping a clear mind and I’m seriously wondering if Bloomberg is just a distraction to throw a monkey wrench into the Bernie Sanders campaign because Bernie actually has a chance and is a threat to the military industrial complex and corporate elite who run USA inc. thus making it more likely that the current president will stay in another four years or is the system rigged and the Donald will stay in no matter what we do? I seriously wonder how rigged the USA voting system is because we all know that it’s mostly about money money money money money and money when you run for office and shareholders and Congress and Senate wanted to keep their jobs and going along with things… and very few Congress and Senate people have the guts to really do what’s right- we need ethics in the United States. But I’m not just gonna conform and go along and follow the herd and pretend like I know for sure that Bernie is unelectable! I tried to watch some video of Bloomberg and he gives me the creeps but the current president of the United States is really really creepy and abusive and disrespectful and I’m really freaked out about the whole thing and I will vote but at the same time I don’t want to miss out on having a good life and focusing on what I can do to make the world a better place and love my family and my friends and my cat and take good care of my body and my mind and not get so caught up in the media that I’m full of anger and fear! I admire Bernie Sanders policy ideas and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and seriously hope she will be the first female potus oneday…but for now we are here in 2020.