Had an interesting dream last night that my cat Stella came back to life and then for some reason there was a clone of Stella so I had two Stellas and I was trying to figure out how to find the second Stella and bring both Stella’s home to my cat keesoon and hope that all three of them would get along!!! and in the dream my dad and my other friend was with me and we were visiting like three of my old apartments and trying to find the cats and figure it all out.

I had a really nice massage last night my only issue was when I walked into the massage room I could smell that they had just disinfected it with really strong chemicals and it made my lungs hurt and my eyes burn and I told the massage therapist I was sensitive to chemicals so then he allowed us to move into a different massage room that had been cleaned earlier so that the fumes weren’t so bad. Oh the irony of everybody being concerned about their health and safety but then we get carried away and use chemicals to clean everything and then we have another thing to be concerned about is exposure to chemicals can harm your health so be careful everyone if you’re using harsh chemicals to clean I never use harsh chemicals in my house I use non-toxic unscented soap to clean my body to clean my house to clean my dishes and to clean my laundry. and as you know I also spend time outside in the forest around the good microbes nature is not sterile. Not all microbes and microorganisms are pathogens some are actually helpful and honestly if we wipe out everything and sterilize everything we weaken our health so watch out on that.

I think every person is like their own universe we’re all so different that’s how I see it I don’t understand most people and they don’t understand me but at least I can communicate

I guess my life is mostly a monologue that I do with myself and for anybody who wants to listen the way I connect with people is probably not very typical I have a few friends that I talk to on the phone and that I’ve hung out with in person and the creative writing group that I belong to etc but I mostly actually enjoy doing things on my own especially now with all the new changes happening that are probably going to be permanent I’m realizing that I actually prefer doing things on my own anyway and now whether we like it or not that’s what we mostly have to do…And yet when I’m alone away from other humans I’m still with plants and animals in nature so I’m not really alone in a bad way I’m with the entire world

enjoying the holiday lights after my massage walking around because I parked 20 minutes away to get the free parking and the good exercise and then I enjoy the neighborhood

self-publish my art and print it on books and billboards and share it with anybody who wanted it

one vision: Buy lots of land and declare it a wildlife sanctuary and live on it probably build my dream home in the hundertwasser Kring Style and have my own power generator and solar panels and live is off-grid as possible grow my own food and have a farm regenerative animal farm and have people help me learn how to do all of that

always question authority

someone I’m close to is a really good photographer so hopefully he’s going to take some professional quality photos of me soon so I can update my two websites that I won’t mention here if you want to know what they are just ask privately

in the forest on my walk I made a couple short videos that I’m going to upload to the website where I’m allowed to share my free speech but I won’t even say what that is here but if you want to know just ask but usually when I say this nobody says anything so whatever I’m just going to share what I really feel on the websites that allow it good luck everyone enjoy your life

hoping I can make peace with the fact that when I’m by myself I have a much better time than when I try to do things with other people lately even more intensely now than ever before

LOVING THE ALIEN is such a well crafted david bowie song. love the strong solid melody structure. as strong as a tori amos or tom petty melody. i am VERY tuned into melody in music. it was 1984 not 1999! I love the David Bowie album from 1984 called tonight I got it from the library recently and man I forgot how much I love some of the songs on there there’s one called loving the alien which is a great song the hit from that album is blue jean which is also a cool song but not my favorite.