Fertile greens behind the scenes…

random recent life snippets

Had a nice hour-long brisk walk by myself listening to music that I love

In other news there’s a really good show on BBC America called crip tales written directed and starring disabled people in wheelchairs and it’s really professionally well done I think these people are professional actors and they just happen to also be disabled and I only saw one episode so far but it was amazing and really well done I need to find the ladies name who was in the wheelchair telling a 15 minute story monologue about her neighbor fascinating stuff look it up

sending love compassion and empathy to everyone even people that I don’t agree with maybe actually especially people that I don’t agree with most of us just want to feel safe and secure and like we know what is true and what is false but we have different ways of trying to achieve this or whatever you want to call it. To each their own so be it. I’m grateful to be alive on this planet want to stay as close to Nature as I can forever

Just went to the library to drop off my David Bowie “tonight” CD and traded in for a Neil Young “ragged glory” CD I listen over and over and over in the car… Music is one of my friends literally

i love the new tori amos song called “holly” she put out 4 new songs recently. all the tracks are solid and beautiful.

made and publlished a video called “Goddess KRING current thoughts on being human”

Very grateful for my creative writing friends that I write with we freely express ourselves in any way that we want and share with each other in a group it’s very nice

Feel the real need to protect my inner wisdom. sending empathy love and compassion to anyone who’s angry or upset about injustice happening in the world.

Fertile greens behind the scenes…

Awake in the rain conscious of how I want to stay conscious

Had a really good 3 hour online art modeling session! three people drew me from- New York Arkansas and Illinois pretty cool! Thanks universe. I like working from home quite a bit

Thank you nature thank you forest thank you ecosystem

Can learn a lot from survivors like Nelson Mandela…and some of the holocaust survivors who have become therapists to help people deal with post-traumatic stress etc…people who survived gaslighting and abuse and manipulation of all kinds always helpful in my view

Forest bathing

Create what you want in your life don’t wait around for any politicians to be heroes that’s my feeling right now

I continue to only use non-toxic unscented soap to clean anything on my skin in my house and my laundry etc for the health of me and my cat I don’t use any harsh chemicals walking in the forest everyday for the good ecosystem and the microbiome biodiversity in nature millions of microorganisms

The wealthy elite will continue to get extremely much more wealthy and the rest of us will have more economic suffering seems to me that’s the future but I’m finding ways to do things that I enjoy that don’t cost any money in my own way

I just took a nice long walk alone listening to my own radio show that I made today I think it was pretty good a mix of monologues and two or three poems spoken word recordings I made one called “incast the outcast” and one called “trust nature: ingest what you want to manifest”. it’s free to listen online and I have over 150 hours of radio if you want to listen just let me know and I’ll give you the link. I mostly do the show for myself it feels good to express myself into a microphone… I don’t know how many people actually listen to my show but it’s fun to produce it and share it publish it and I think I do have a really nice voice… And an interesting perspective and philosophy about life

Shannon Kringen Artist and Model