on “scagegoating” others and thinkg you are “the good ones”

on someone freaking out about Jane Fonda in the Vietnam days visiting the supposed enemy- you should hear Jane Fonda talk about it. she is a very smart person who cares about humanity and has a lot of love and compassion and empathy. to demonize people is not good. the Vietnam war was a hideous tragedy. she was trying to shine light on the reality of demonizing people and how wrong that is. you should listen to what Jane Fonda says. she once met with USA veterans and they all huddled in a circle and cried about Vietnam and they all shared what they thought because these Vietnam veterans were mad at Jane Fonda and she told them why she did what she did and then they forgave her and they all had empathy and compassion for each other…. you should listen to Jane talk about this. I think she mentions this story in her memoir… she is a good person trying to help the world. she’s not a jerk like you think. I feel like you’re misunderstanding her completely! also people who harshly judge her are using her as a scapegoat and they’re not willing to look at the hypocrisy in the world- everyone has a shadow! In fact Vietnam was a very long time ago but Jane Fonda’s ideas on seeing the humanity in different groups of people is a helpful thing to learn and have perspective on what it’s like to be a different kind of person from you right now people are stereotyping and demonizing each other and it’s causing a lot of fear and conflict and anger and problems and the answer is not to keep demonizing us versus them if somebody is arrogant and thinks they’re always the good guy that can be very dangerous as we’ve seen throughout history and right now things are happening in the world that I think are repeat of this pattern of the arrogance of thinking that one group of people are the right people and everyone else is wrong that is very dangerous and actually brings war and conflict and harm to humanity. so we can reflect on this and learn from it even now in the year 2021.