thank you truth seeking journalists who have the guts to speak up

Speak up! just listened to a podcast of 2 brave journalists speaking up about the some dishonesty happening in the world. These days anybody who has the audacity to question the conventional narrative is basically attacked, ostracized and made fun of…belittled and gaslighted and abused and I think it’s important to continue speaking out. if anybody reading this wants a link to the video podcast that I just watched let me know. I’m not going to post it here because some social media sites heavily “shames” that kind of information… Just send me your email in a private message and I will send it to you that way. Good luck everyone and stay true to yourself. Don’t be afraid to use your own wisdom and brain. Don’t allow yourself to be peer pressured into things you don’t believe in.

The most amazing thing about the two journalists that I just listened to who are on the same page basically= one of them is a female feminist journalist and one is a more pragmatic conservative male journalist and yet they both agree on many things happening in the world and what is ethical and what is not ethical. one is from England and one was from the United states… so it was interesting to see their ideas overlap. They Are now allies and yet before they had more opposing views. The world is changing rapidly. beyond duality.