Design idea for my rhinestone car- I think I will put a giant rhinestone in the center of the top of my car and then do like a swirling spiral pattern coming out from the center with different colors in a special way

one lady at the car dealership where they installed my license plate today loves my car and wants to see the aRt cars with mine in fremont June 19th! so i told her all about it! she had no idea there was such an event! yeah for spreading around inspiration! seattle friends: looks like saturday june 19th my car will be on display with all the other aRt cars U-Park Lot #75, at 3501 Phinney Ave N from Noon – 4pm come see it! take photos etc. #seattleartcars#seattleartcarblowout find out more go to: fremont fair dot com

more of my aRt car here: