current ideas from a free thinker named shannon nicole kringen

Took gorgeous morning walk. So thankful for the sunshine and smell of plants and beautiful nature that I am deeply connected to. Determined to focus on this life affirming energy while noticing the darkness. I’m consciously choosing to build up what I want more of being present with all that is here now. Letting go of fear and anger and using it as fertilizer

Grateful my mom put me an alternative school where they actually encouraged us to learn Hands-On in the real world and they encouraged our creativity and individuality and gave us the power to create what we wanted instead of just indoctrinating us with dogma

just to vent more truth out: both my mom and dad did some AMAZING THINGS for me as a kid and some bad things BOTH it was complicated. both my mom and dad are highly sensitive insightful intuitive intelligent human beings just like me. i was raised in some very good ways and some bad ways BOTH. NOT just one way or the other. both parents are great humans and they made mistakes in how they raised me both very strongly. in some ways they did amazing with me and i am very lucky on those levels and i can learn from my wounds BOTH. the glass is both 1/2 empty AND 1/2 full! ha ha