Just reading a friend’s post about the synchronicity that he had happened to him involving his car breaking down and his family needing help and then things miraculously working out after some complicated irritating hardness and then people coming together and helping each other in an amazing way I’m also noting that in my own life some doors are shutting and some other doors are opening and some of the opportunities I’ve had in my career that has shifted recently has been pretty amazing synchronicity of my love for animals and my art modeling and my volunteering work all intersecting and kind of an amazing way and other things that I don’t even want to talk about but things are simultaneously actually quite painful and sad and then also quite wonderful and I can feel this loving energy and the goodness of being alive even though I also feel this dark creepy Sinister energy I also feel this wonderful loving helpful energy that is very life-affirming so again doors are shutting but then new doors are opening!!!!