I’m baking banana bread for the third time with coconut flour my recipe gets a little better every time…

More good news I just got screened and qualified for an online survey they’re doing and they pay you with a gift card that’s pretty nice!

Yay I just had a meeting with some people that I’m going to work with in a new way and it went well… And I look forward to the new adventure that I’m going to be doing I just am not going to say anything about it I just want to keep it private that the details but let’s just say it’s something new and different for me and I’m really grateful for the opportunity. And I think it’s a good fit for my personality in many ways… And whatever the challenges are I can learn from

glad my mom put me in alternative free thinking school. i learned to think for myself and question everything.

do what you love as much as possible.

welcome new ones! i now have 925 subscribers to my #YouTube help me reach my goal of 1,000 or more! thanks! hugs.

Got my Artesian well water last night at 11 something p.m. and nobody was there! it was great had the whole place to myself

Everything is perfect