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Edit- here’s my imperfect post with flaws in it and typos in it that I’m not going to fix cuz I don’t want to be perfect and I don’t want to correct myself I want to be sloppy and messy and imperfect and make mistakes and not always be correct!!!! Makes me want to listen to Bukowski I think I’m on a similar wavelength or Tom Waits etc- or Leonard Cohen who said that the cracks are how the light gets through or whatever that quote is from one of his songs that I love! Rebel rebel!!! Just watched a video on how trends and artificial intelligence and algorithms have a artificially kind of addicted to patterns and trends and disconnected from our real selves and from real human connection and from real things of actual value despite all the fake silliness and trends online that I’m not interested in there are still creative authentic humans that are expressing themselves making art and music and sharing real things that have value also just judging things as having value and not having value and people are keeping score blah blah blah people are addicted to blah blah blah I think I’m going to stop clicking like and stop clicking in general and just try to share in a more handmade way if possible and not get sucked into arguing or debating or doing anything that seems just like BS and just like a waste of time I might even delete this post I think that the best way for me to use these social media websites is just to share artwork and creative ideas. I don’t want to waste time debating or arguing with anybody and I want to completely ignore people who want to score me and judge me I also don’t want to score and judge other people cuz that’s a waste for me to do that as well and again I might just delete this post I think it’s good to be awake and conscious of how you’re using technology and how much is technology using you just to collect data and market and sell ideas to you and try to get you to March around and conform and behave like a robot doing as you’re told thinking you have free will but really just conforming to what their programming you to want to think and do and feel with computer ideas and popular trends and this idea of conform conform conform obey obey obey basically March to the meat grinder like in that movie pink Floyd The Wall which is very relevant these days

Avoid trends and be unpopular intentionally!

Light up that gas!

freedom and embracing grace, moonshone face

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