You can hire me to walk your dog or cat or goat in Seattle or paint your shoes anywhere that I can ship your shoes to. You can also hire me to art model for you. You can draw me, paint me or sculpt me or photograph me. You can also join my patreon to support me or you can enjoy all the art that I share for free all over the internet constantly. Thank you very much and good luck to everyone. My purpose on this earth seems to be to do my art and enjoy my cat in nature. Not really doing any kind of traditional family thing. I’m a really trustworthy pet sitter, dog sitter, catwalker, house sitter, etc. Feel free to message me and I can give you references. I’ve been an art model in Seattle for 30 years and I must admit I’m feeling the need to transition to do multiple other things for income just to mix it up a little bit so that I don’t burn out on modeling and I balance it with all the other things I enjoy doing creatively for a living. I love to work. I’m a work work, work work, kind of person. I’m a workaholic you could say, but I think mostly in a positive way