happy and sad both shannon nicole kringen

Some sad things are happening in my life that I don’t want to talk about it I’ll share later maybe but something happy happened today somebody saw my art car and then he recognized me as Goddess KRING from public access TV and he said he used to watch me when he was a kid a long time ago…. And then these two ladies waved at me when I was driving my art car around and they bowed up and down as if they were worshiping my car which was funny and then they smiled and waved and laughed and gave me thumbs up and that was really sweet! And then some construction workers waved at me and smiled when they saw my car drive by. So it is really fun to put a smile on people’s face when I drive my rhinestone sparkly car all over the place that’s something happy to counteract some of the sad things I’m going through right now.

Someone asked for an artist statement bio for a project I’m working on so this is what I came up with-. Shannon Nicole Kringen “Goddess KRING” is an improvisational artist- working in many different mediums… mostly in visual art. She’s done video performance art body painting shoe painting photography mosaic style art car decorating spoken word with improv keyboard to accompany her voice, radio podcast monologues and public access TV shows… and a little bit of acting. she grew up in San Diego California and whidbey island Washington and was raised by very creative parents. She’s a very intuitive self taught artist for the most part but does have training in design, music and acting. She loves the freedom of visual and performing arts and expressing herself in any different way that she feels called to do.