want free speech to be kept ALIVE. we need differing ideas to be allowed otherwise we have repressive fascism

It’s the oldest trick in the book to accuse certain people of being a certain way. When really you’re the one who’s that way. hypocrisy is totally disgusting creepy, weird stuff. The abuse of power these days is so obvious and out in the open. Yuck! Yuck, yuck. Would you like fries with your wham bam? Thank you mam!!?

I was in a really bummed out mood and something fun just happened… I just came back from the clothing optional beach where I went to go relax and on the way home I passed by the other lady that has a rhinestone car. she calls it “Princess Sparkle Pony” she has the coolest car. her and I are the two main rhinestone cars in the Art car community in Seattle!

Not really sure where I belong but I do my artwork I take care of animals I take care of house plants maybe that’s it I don’t know.

Blue and red makes purple. it’s all just a bunch of purple purple drama drama drama.

Tom Petty was ahead of his time … There goes the last DJ who plays what he wants to play, says what he wants to say Hey hey hey there goes your freedom of choice. There goes the last human voice ….

Still adjusting to not having a cat. it’s so weird I keep looking for him… I guess it’ll take a while and I still feel disoriented after coming back from being away for a week taking care of two big dogs. grateful that tomorrow I get to start walking these two little dogs again that I usually walk every week on certain days. the little dogs are going to seem so tiny compared to the big dogs that I just took care of for an entire week!

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