Art Resume
Shannon Kringen

2014 Center for Spiritual Living
2014 Figment NYC
2014 Gallery 4500 U District Art Walk
2014 Live Painting/ Melrose Market Studios
2014 Guest Artist/ Speaker/ Presenter Cornish College of the Arts
2014 Published “Selfies Outside the Box”
2014 MAGMA: Goddess Kring @ Chop Suey/Hollow Earth Radio.
2014 Video “Alien She” Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University
2014 Solo Performance Art at Cafe Racer with Claxton Kent
2013 Performance Art at Cafe Racer– Operadisiac Two Hour Variety Hour
2013 Julia’s in Wallingford Paintings & Photos
2013 New York Pizza and Bar Paintings & Photos
2013 72nd Street Cafe 8 Paintings
2013 US Bank Seattle Capitol Hill Branch
2013 Art Up PhinneyWood Live Painting
2013 Featured Artist Zippys
2013 RatCity ArtCity: The Live Painting Extravaganza!
2013 Center For Spiritual Living Art Show
2013 Self Published book: “aRt, Identity and the Sacred”
2013 Senior Symposium Presentation “aRt, Identity and the Sacred”
2013 TOMS+Indigo Plum Style Your Sole Shoepainting Event
2012 Photos showing Antioch University BA department.
2012 “Typecast Dragon” screened Toronto Film Festival,SIFF, Bumbershoot, NW Film Forum, finalist in the 2012 International Documentary Challenge
2012 Featured Artist Pel Meni Seattle Dumpling Tzar Fremont Art Walk
2012 Featured Artist Cupcake Royale Ballard Art Walk
2012 Featured Artist The Green Door Studio Capitol Hill Blitz Art Walk
2011 American Association of Zoo Keepers Auction
2011 CoCa Sculpture Installation Belltown Seattle “Second Nature”
2011 Antioch University Student Show Fall
2011 Art/Not Terminal
2011 Pratt Fine Arts Center
1999-2010 Performer and Body Painter Fremont Summer Solstice Parade
2011 Annual Photo Show Art Not Terminal Gallery Seattle.
2011 Group Show “Celebrate with Heart” Antioch University Seattle.
2008 Solo Show “Amplified Chameleon” Art Not Terminal Gallery Seattle.
2008 Group Show “Spirit Of Art” Center For Spiritual Living Seattle
2008 Solo Show Scan TV Studios
2007 Functional Art Show Art Not Terminal Gallery Seattle.
2005 Group Show “Shoe In” Art Museum in Southern California.
2003 Solo Show “SynKRINGnicity” Art Not Terminal Gallery Seattle
1998 and 2008 Guest Performer “Goddess KRING” in “Carlottas Late Night Wing Ding” Freehold Theater Seattle
1996-2011 produced, directed and starred in a weekly video cable TV Program called “Goddess KRING”.
1989 Sister Clothing Store Selling Hand Painted Shoes Langley, WA
1989 Choochokam Festival Of the Arts. Langley, WA

Published Photos/Video/Film:

Photo of Kshama Sawant Published Bill
Photo of Kshama Sawant Published
Book Published “Selfies, Outside the Box”
13 Creative Ways To Take A Selfie
Mountain Record: The Zen Practitioners Journal
Book Published “aRt, Identity and the Sacred”
Real Change Website Saaduuts Carving Cedar Canoe
SIFF “Typecast Dragon” Documentary feauturing Goddess KRING
Latin American Travel Magazine Centro Y Sur
You Will Rise Project
The Writing Reader
Photography Dictionary
Tidningen Swedish Online Magazine
Pearson Canada
Live Photographically
Learning The Light
Northwest Folklife Foundation
Examiner Blog
Photographer Dictionary
Shrink Unwrapped
Thunders Quill Newsletter Donnorshafen Quarterly Volume VIII Issue #1
Manic Desktop
Zitante Germany
Sage Adderly
Writers Ninja Promotions
Featured in the Weird Washington Book Published by Weird NJ, Inc.
My Greenlake
Dobbies UK
Success Your Way
Pioneer Productions
Visualize Us
Estadao Brazil
Capitol Hill Seattle Blog
The Stranger Slog
KBCS Radio Website 91.3FM
Love and Diversity
Naturist Magazine
Rant Zine
Big Miss Movieola (Now Called
Bravo BBC Goddess Kring video aired.

Multi Media Artist Shannon Kringen grew up in San Diego California and Whidbey Island Washington. She is a self taught photographer with a background in Graphic Design. She has worked as a figure model in Seattle for 22 years. She completed her BA degree in Arts and Literature from Antioch University in 2013. She sees her creative expression as a tool to connect with community and a way of increasing self awareness and tap into a deeper wisdom within.

Artist Statement:
I work with cameras and paint improvisationally. I am very kinesthetic and use my whole body when I create.

In my photography, I fall in love with shape, texture and light while out wandering. I like to capture what is naturally there but in a way that abstracts it and allows the viewer to notice something new and different about ordinary physical reality. I carefully compose all my photos spontaneously as I am shooting moving the camera angle until I see what looks like a balanced, dynamic composition.

In my painting, I allow my hands to move intuitively on the canvas creating shapes and textures that feel right. I repeat patterns and choose colors from somewhere beyond my thinking mind. I am very inspired by the repeating patterns I see in nature. Plants and animals move me a great deal.

I am taping into my unconscious and go into a dream like state when I create art.

Artist Interviews:
Soul Sister An Interview With Goddess Kring By Tonya Stumphauzer
The Goddess KRING: Shannon Kringen
Your Guide to Becoming a Local Cable Access Star by Sarah Taylor Sherman
The Onion UW Daily Disclosure Disclothesure by Caleb Schaber
The Goddess Kring Grins And Bares It By Melanie Mcfarland Seattle Times Staff Columnist
Stranded in the Jungle–20 Goddess Kring by STEVEN SHAVIRO

Sold Images:

Published Work:

Work History

Webmaster since 1999
Art Model since 1992
Freelance Photographer since 2000
Shoe Painter since 1986

BA Antioch University Seattle June 2013
SCCC Graphic Design Certificate 1989

Shannon Kringen
PO BOX 20355
Seattle, Wa 98102