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Free Range Goddess KRING radio 04-15-21 family dynamics/boundary loops
monologue about my childhood that was unusual and reflections on my tv show “Goddess KRING” i created for 15 years on seattle public access tv. some of my music towards the end.

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my dad is in town visiting me so i may take a break from recording this week. but there are 165 shows i have created on my #Mixcloud

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i just recorded this: Fresh wild human Shannon Nicole Kringen

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on “scagegoating” others and thinkg you are “the good ones”

on someone freaking out about Jane Fonda in the Vietnam days visiting the supposed enemy- you should hear Jane Fonda talk about it. she is a very smart person who cares about humanity and has a lot of love and compassion and empathy. to demonize people is not good. the Vietnam war was a hideous tragedy. she was trying to shine light on the reality of demonizing people and how wrong that is. you should listen to what Jane Fonda says. she once met with USA veterans and they all huddled in a circle and cried about Vietnam and they all shared what they thought because these Vietnam veterans were mad at Jane Fonda and she told them why she did what she did and then they forgave her and they all had empathy and compassion for each other…. you should listen to Jane talk about this. I think she mentions this story in her memoir… she is a good person trying to help the world. she’s not a jerk like you think. I feel like you’re misunderstanding her completely! also people who harshly judge her are using her as a scapegoat and they’re not willing to look at the hypocrisy in the world- everyone has a shadow! In fact Vietnam was a very long time ago but Jane Fonda’s ideas on seeing the humanity in different groups of people is a helpful thing to learn and have perspective on what it’s like to be a different kind of person from you right now people are stereotyping and demonizing each other and it’s causing a lot of fear and conflict and anger and problems and the answer is not to keep demonizing us versus them if somebody is arrogant and thinks they’re always the good guy that can be very dangerous as we’ve seen throughout history and right now things are happening in the world that I think are repeat of this pattern of the arrogance of thinking that one group of people are the right people and everyone else is wrong that is very dangerous and actually brings war and conflict and harm to humanity. so we can reflect on this and learn from it even now in the year 2021.

fluffy rainbows and unicorns on the flat earth with bigfoot and some tin hats! rock on – oh wait I FORGOT TO PUNCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “DONT SMILE”

my favorite artist and philosopher #Hundertwasser from Austria.

my favorite artist “hundertwasser” from austria was also a philosopher. some of his ideas about nature and humans being part of nature- his ideas are even more relevant today now that humans are genetically modifying and doing weird things tinkering with nature and with human beings! “There Are No Evils in Nature.
There Are Only Evils of Man.
When man thinks he has to correct nature, it is an irreparable mistake every time.
A community should not consider it an honour how much spontaneous vegetation it destroys; it should rather be a point of honour for every community to protect as much of its natural landscape as possible.
The brook, the river, the swamp, the riverside wetlands as they are, the way God created them, must be sacred and inviolable to us.
Correcting a stream only has evil effects, which are expensive in the end: the lowering of water tables, the destruction of forests, the transformation of large areas into steppes, no regeneration of the water, which runs off too fast. The river wetlands can no longer fulfill their sponge-like function: the absorption of excess water and slow feedback in dry spells, like a good piggy bank in times of emergency.
The regulated brook becomes a sewer. Fish die, and there are no fish in the brook because they cannot swim through the regulated channel. Floods, with all their devastating consequences, all the more after regulation. Because too much water runs off too quickly, converging in great quantity without any chance of being absorbed by the earth and the vegetation.
Only a stream with a high waterline flowing irregularly can produce pure water, regulate the water household and conserve the fish and animal populations to the benefit of man and his agriculture.
Now, almost too late, this age-old adage is being recognised and the courses of rivers and streams, which had been straightened in concrete channels, are being destroyed in order to restore the previous irregular state. What irony!
So why regulate a stream if you have to deregulate it afterwards?”
Hundertwasser, May, 1990

Draw Art Model Shannon Nicole Kringen online Fridays 12noon to 3pm pacific standard time. next session is this Friday March 26th 2021
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some of my most unique photos. transparent layers and reflections

Draw me tomorrow Friday March 12th 2021 online 11am to 2pm pacific time zone.

recent life mix

I feel belittled and disrespected by somebody and I think I need to not interact with this person anymore… our relationship started off with him trying to help me deal with bullies online… and he thinks he can teach me etc and this is taken me farther and farther away from my own self-respect and self-esteem and self-assurance and self-confidence and me trying to figure out what’s best for me. I can see why I fell into the relationship with him because it’s been so hard for me to find people to try to be close to… And I was neglected by my parents as a kid and so I had some weird patterns… and I think I am a complicated person and not easy to get along with….I go along with things and I over accommodate with another person and then I get angry and explode and then they blame me for my anger but part of the anger is because of something they did previously that’s not fair to me… it’s complicated and it’s really not healthy. I want to detoxify from this relationship and try to figure out how to love myself and treat myself with respect… I want to treat him with respect as well but unless he will acknowledge that my feelings have value equal to his and my point of view has merit…I don’t even know what kind of friendship I can have with this person… but I need to grow up on my end and be the best me that I can be and then see how he responds and if he doesn’t respect my intelligence then I can’t really interact with him anymore and I’m not perfect and I take full responsibility for my part of the relationship that isn’t healthy but I’m not going to let him put it all on me… he did his part as well it’s not just me. I see my dark side I don’t know if he sees his dark side. he seems to think he doesn’t have a dark side. he doesn’t really look at himself he even told me that I talk about myself all the time but he doesn’t even like to talk about himself…that’s kind of a pattern…this is something that I’m going to talk to my therapist about the next time I interact with therapy…

Cuz remember guys the science is settled we all know that scientists come up with a theory and they stick with it forever and they never change their minds because we never learn anything new that’s the way it’s always been right yeah that sounds really accurate and ethical doesn’t it common sense total Common sense oh yeah total wisdom

don’t let anyone who’s abusing their power get you down just keep doing what you love do what you love do what you love do what you love no matter what just keep doing what you love

artists who inspire and or influence me: (VISUAL, MUSICAL, MULTI MEDIA WHATEVER MIXED) music and art mixed: Yayoi Kusama, Hundertwasser, Laurie Anderson, Imogen Heap, Bjork, Tori Amos, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Beck, Georgia O’Keeffe, Frida Kahlo, Meredith Monk, Vincent van Gogh, Gustav Klimt, Francis Bacon, Australian Aboriginal Artists, Cindy Sherman, Jenny Saville, Edie Brickell, Patti Smith,
Annie Leibovitz, Tom Waits, Amanda Palmer, Jason Webley, Jesse Sykes,
Alanis Morissette, Rafe Pearlman, Joni Mitchell, Frank Zappa, George Carlin, Christopher Walken, Captain Beefheart, Martha Graham, Jeff Beck, Mick Jagger (as a performer) Temple Grandin (PHD autistic human who is brillliant) and one of the best books: “The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path To Higher Creativity is a self-help book by American author Julia Cameron”, Heather Nova…Russell Brand comedian philosopher…completely resonate with his mind… will add more soon! so many amazing people.

someone just asked about my art training. i was trained in graphic design and by my mother who is also a self taught artist but she went to san diego state and i went to Seattle central community college and took their two year graphic design program along with painting and drawing. i am trained in art and have been since i was 6 years old. (i was also taught a lot about music and comedy by my dad who does both in his own way) Hundertwasser is my biggest inspiration. i have taken many art and design classes AND HAVE MY OWN STYLE. always have. have never wanted to do traditional art. took art history and it was fascinating. i guess i will now refresh my memory of who my favorite artists are. Laurie Anderson resonates with me. she is multi media. Hundertwasser also is at the top. i finished my BA degree at Antioch University Seattle in 2013. i was trained in color and composition and my abstract paintings AND photographs follow the golden proportion balance rule in design. it’s intuitive and my inspiration is NATURE. the shapes and patterns i see in nature. plants, tree bark, leaves, geography that you see from airplanes looking down on the earth. i am upset about the lack of education people have on good design and color and composition whether art is “realism” or abstract DESIGN and composition PRINCIPLES APPLY. Bio:
Multi Media Artist Shannon Kringen grew up in San Diego California and Whidbey Island Washington. She is a self taught photographer with a background in Graphic Design (complete the two year Graphic Design program at SCCC in 1989) . She has worked as a figure model in Seattle since 1992. She completed her BA degree in Arts and Literature from Antioch University in 2013. She sees her creative expression as a tool to connect with community and a way of increasing self awareness and tap into a deeper wisdom within.
Artist Statement:
I work with cameras and paint improvisationally. I am very kinesthetic and use my whole body when I create.
In my photography, I fall in love with shape, texture and light while out wandering. I like to capture what is naturally there but in a way that abstracts it and allows the viewer to notice something new and different about ordinary physical reality. I carefully compose all my photos spontaneously as I am shooting moving the camera angle until I see what looks like a balanced, dynamic composition.
In my painting, I allow my hands to move intuitively on the canvas creating shapes and textures that feel right. I repeat patterns and choose colors from somewhere beyond my thinking mind. I am very inspired by the repeating patterns I see in nature. Plants and animals move me a great deal.
I am taping into my unconscious and go into a dream like state when I create art.

Thinking of trying to start an online support group secret and private free speech allowed! with like-minded people who question the status quo so to speak and have a different way of staying healthy… A place where people are allowed to say what they really think without getting shut down or gaslit or shamed etc to be supported and encouraged to use common sense and wisdom would be luxurious!

Relevant now! Sharing this from Brittany Tutors

  • “They feared the witches
    Instead of those who burned them
    Why’s that, would you say?”


saw a woodpecker today in my forest walk: The woodpecker’s home within the tree is analogous of a fierce determination to return and protect that which is sacred to us. When this bird comes pecking, it is a call for us to return to our roots, back to the womb of our ideas and use our intellect and discernment to follow through with our plans.

had a long walk in the rainy forest and saw a red headed wood pecker and it symbolizes this “In General, the Red-headed Woodpecker is symbolic that you are illuminating the world. … The woodpecker meaning encourages you to strike a balance between being kind and being cautious. It symbolizes the need to understand different rhythms, patterns, and cycles, and to do your best to adapt to them and flourish”

so different love it! Tom Petty – You Saw Me Comin’ (Alternate Version) [Official Music Video] LOVE THE COMBINATION of tom’s vocals with guitar and piano on this song. different than most of their other music!!!!! “You Saw Me Comin’,” a previously unreleased song and recording from 1992 and the final track on the collection, is premiering alongside a video directed by Joel Kazuo Knoernschild and Katie Malia. Reflecting upon recording “You Saw Me Comin’” for Wildflowers, Benmont Tench notes, “There’s this kind of longing in the song, in the way that he wrote the chord structure, the melody and the lyrics. It’s wistful, and it would have been the perfect way to end the disc.”

always question authority by Goddess KRING

I know that I shouldn’t need anybody to understand my art but I’m actually trained in design and color and composition and graphic design and I think some people think my abstract art is just primitive and not well done but I know that my abstract art is well done but I feel frustrated like I’m not finding where it’s appreciated I guess I need to figure it out I need to just know that I think I do good work and if other people don’t get it I need to just accept that and focus on the people that are fans of my work actually and build on that. I was just in an art therapy group online and I held up my art and I sort of like had a lack of confidence with it and people don’t really seem to get my work but some people do… It’s just a very uncomfortable feeling…

get some white shoes and shaprie markers and color your shoes! that is what i did on these. you can also hire me to paint your shoes. have fun

parallels with Allegory of the cave and logans run and current “reality”

Mood totally shifted in a more positive direction because I got to model for an art class today in person and then I got to go straight to a second job working with medical students and I got to play a role for 12 different students playing the same role twelve different times… it’s so fascinating to act out a patient’s issue with different students because each student had a totally different style and they all have the same objective of helping me as a medical patient but it felt different with each person. I’m fascinated by improvisational acting… that is basically what it is but it’s in the role of helping train medical students… it’s fascinating work I really missed it and I feel and I had a great conversation with the proctor who is an actual doctor observing the students and grading them and we had a fascinating conversation about so many different things… very cool I miss talking to such interesting people that are in The healing arts of medicine…reminds me that I need to find stimulating conversation with different kinds of people I was kind of stuck in a rut and man I look talking to certain different kinds of people very stimulating although now I feel like I need to rest and recharge

Not only do I hug trees Barefoot I kiss trees