First time playing the drums Goddess KRING

February 26, 2021 fun in a music store with a drum kit!

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Goddess KRING 02 25 21 thoughts on everyone being unique/aRt therapy group today. thoughts on how special and unique everyone is and yet this is not always appreciated- how to be your authentic self and connect with others despite feeling like an “alien”

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Free Range Human Radio by Goddess KRING stories of my life 02-25-21

mapping internal lands mask by shannon kringen

new style of kring masks. “flat” the other ones were “pleated” its fun wearing my aRt on my face when i am required to “cover up” this design is called “mapping internal lands” it looks great on the mask i think! these are hand washable and dry quickly. i wear once then wash daily with non toxic unscented soap personally! if you want to buy one let me know! the company that prints my designs on these raised their prices so i need to also raise my price…

juice of life! heart melting times

had a very heart melting therapy session- many blessings to my therapist! he is very gifted.

talked about my cacophony of emotions and the “symphony” in my head surrounding my personal issues with family/friends how i connect with others and how i connect with myself- the paradox of “shannon takes 100’s of self portraits and must be ‘self centered’ in a shameful way” and yet shannon is lost in the forest of trees. if each person is a tree and we are all in the forest together can we see each unique person as having value and being distinct from the others and not just there to serve others. we are all here together forming patterns of energy with each other…i felt dominated by my parents points of view as a kid and like my job was to make sure they were ok so i could be ok. i seemed to have suppressed my true nature and full expression i wanted to share with the world…my artwork seems to be here to help me EXPRESS outward what would remain hidden- makes perfect sense why the songs “silent all these years” by tori amos and “refugee” by tom petty and the heartbreakers would be my two favorite songs that resonate and help me ease the pain i have around my issues.

and yesterday i met with a lady in person who i had known online for a couple years. we both danced many years ago at “the lusty lady” in seattle. she’s an artist and has done stand up comedy- a very dynamic interesting human being! i was happy to connect with her in person…we shared a hug after hanging out for 5 hours talking and sharing food…very grateful. would love to have more close female friends to connect with…

personal POWER. love this new song by edie brickell and new bohemians: my power

inspired by this: “Microorganisms digest organic matter, and in the process they provide nutrients to plants, and improve the structure of the soil. … When this is done properly, plants grow well and soil is improved. There is no question that microbes are important to the gardener, the plants and the soil”

Thinking of trying to find a new way of being maybe work on a regenerative agriculture farm! And when I say farm I mean both animals and plants

Yay my dad’s flying to Seattle to visit me in April I’m excited haven’t seen him in over two years!

Inspired to talk about the personality of artists on my next free range goddess kring public radio show a lot of artists share really beautiful music and lyrics and melodies and yet their personalities might be kind of macho or Moody and not really very nice or friendly and they might cause a lot of weird drama in their personal life and yet their contribution to humanity mostly comes through in a beautiful way through their music watching the Gordon Lightfoot documentary made me realize and reminded me of this because he had a drinking problem and he’s a pretty moody guy and had a lot of relationships that didn’t work out and he admitted he caused trauma to some of the people in his life and his past and he feels guilty and bad about it and yet his music is great and that was his main contribution even when his personal life wasn’t going well now he seems a lot happier as an older person and he’s still doing his music and he sleeps much more kind and peaceful and healthy mentally and physically very interesting and a lot of the artists that I admire I’ve heard different things about their personalities like their persona that they share with the audience versus their real personalities to people who know them and it’s interesting sometimes it matches and sometimes it’s different it kind of fascinates me the psychology of different people

just watch the documentary about Gordon Lightfoot very interesting because my whole childhood was filled with Gordon Lightfoot music because my dad was really obsessed with Bob Dylan and Gordon Lightfoot Simon and Garfunkel and all kinds of other folk music also loved Elvis and Frank Sinatra Peter Paul and Mary the doors and Joan Baez etc and lots of rock and roll in the Rolling stones and all kinds of great music one of the memories I have is riding on the back of my dad’s bicycle with him to pizza hut and Pacific beach San Diego and there was a jukebox in there and he would play the song by Gordon Lightfoot called too late for praying and he would play Everly Brothers music and then I think there was quarters in little TVs and we would watch Archie bunker on little TVs and the pizza hut what an interesting random memory that just popped into my head when my dad mentioned it and I saw the Gordon Lightfoot documentary my dad is sad that in that documentary they don’t even mention the song by Gordon called too late for praying one of my dad’s favorite songs and he thinks he’s very underrated but not a hit for Gordon great song though a lot of Gordon Lightfoot songs are brilliant actually

had a really good creative writing session today with my friends…I’m really grateful and I found an amazing parking spot right across the street which usually doesn’t happen for free and I shared a bunch of groceries with them and then put the rest in the lobby where there’s a free box so that felt really good and I just went for a nice walk

favorite singers- tori amos, tom petty and edie brickell. this could change in my lifetime but so now it’s SOLID

would love to hear tori amos cover tom pettys song “good to be king” that would be unique. both tom petty and tori amos sing the word “girl” in a beautiful emphasized way…they bend the word girrrrrlllll in a magical vocal style as you know those two are my favorite vocalists (along with edie brickell who also does great unqiue things bending her voice- i listen VERY CAREFULLY to music and hear tiny nuaces)

beautiful solo version of tom petty’s “yer so bad” quite beautifully done! serious and funny at the same time. love the way he uses his voice SO MUCH.

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gorgeous music from a seattle musician i enjoy.
Rafe Pearlman

snow days seattle 2021.

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody whether single or with somebody always good to focus on love love for yourself love for others love for nature love for your pets love for anything that you love music art I love nature plants animals music art freedom unique thoughts love love

Still snowing right now supposed to start melting in the afternoon so I might take a few more videos and photos but mostly I’m going to stay home today and upload all the cool photos that I’ve taken to a whole bunch of my websites two of them subscription only sites that help me earn money and then a bunch of free websites

promise to self that today Sunday I will spend the day editing and uploading photos to all my many different websites including two of my members only website that helps me earn money and then all my free websites where I share my art cuz man I’ve taken some really beautiful photos and I want to honor that talent that I have and focus on that cuz I keep doing so many other things and then I’m tired at the end of the day and my eyes are just too tired to upload photos to a bunch of different websites so I got to start fresh tomorrow and do that and I want to finish painting those shoes as soon as I can but I don’t want to rush through that either!

I just walked around in the snow shine forest for two hours and took all kinds of cool photos and videos lots of people cross country skiing! Cute dogs walking around with their people got some good shots of people’s dark silhouettes from far away in the forest on a windy trail very cool and some videos people and their dogs look so pretty walking by I love silhouettes of random strangers

Feel sad for anyone that’s having a bad time in the snow somebody I know lost their power for 8 hours and a few other people I know are irritated and unhappy about the weather but man I really enjoy the snow it’s like a great photo opportunity and it’s nice to see people playing in building snowman and igloos and people sledding and skiing etc and I took some really beautiful photos and videos so I’m grateful for that but sorry to anyone who’s having a bad time in this weather and I know that in Seattle there’s a 24-hour homeless shelter right now at Seattle center so I’m glad that the homeless people are hopefully staying warm the ones that are going there at least…

tomorrow i will paint shoes, model and publish photos on my two members websites and share some here i took with my waterproof and super zoom cameras…eyes tired now! today i walked, recorded my one hour radio show and did laundry- thats about it. got booked for work with med students in may also! grateful for that. have a march gig too…

to the car nerds= toyota or honda? (i was looking at a used scion made by toyota- scotty kilmer the mechanic says scions have engines and tranmissions as good as a toyota camry)

Took a nice brisk walk in the super cold 35° weather Fahrenheit going to take another walk later today the snow is getting a bit thicker now but it’s not sticking yet

So far I’m seeing little teeny teeny teeny teeny tiny snowflakes but it’s not sticking but we might get a bunch of snow from now until Sunday

when you walk briskly and not only invigorates your heart and lungs it stimulates your immune system and gets the lymph moving in your body which is good for your immune system overall also it’s just good for your mental health I feel so much better after I walk mentally like cleans my brain out

Spending time outside in nature every single day is good for my mental and physical health getting natural light and being exposed to the microbes out in the forest feels great

Beef and quiche to break my fast – I got the roast from a local farm full of good vitamins and minerals and healthy fats and protein and the quiche I got free at the food bank and I just throw the crust away since I don’t eat wheat and I just eat the filling)

The real glass light bulb that I like a plant grow light these are hard to find I love them

Focus on Love and being in nature…as a human I am part of the ecosystem

Mental and physical health is strongly connected eating healthy and getting fresh exercise everyday out in the fresh air and getting Sunshine is so good for your mental and physical health and doing things that you love!

Did some sunbathing this morning and went to a food bank and had some other food delivered to me got another gift card for a grocery store from a food bank which is amazing walked in the forest with a friend of mine had a pretty good day

hoping it does snow a lot in Seattle this weekend I want to take cool pictures in the snow so far nothing but it is pretty chilly

Honestly I feel manipulated like they want us to think that certain politicians are heroes and certain politicians are villains when really it’s all pretty screwy and there’s bits and pieces of good and bad in everyone! Famous politicians and ordinary citizens alike

I found two incandescent old-fashioned style plant grow lights they’re really hard to find they mostly just have the LED kind now days which are awful so I have a small collection of old fashioned incandescent plant grow greenhouse lights that I use for my main lamps for my plants and for me and when I model that mimic the Sun

I’m suddenly feeling a lot more compassion for people especially those that I disagree with on many topics…so that’s a good feeling in my heart

Just got beef venison lamb and rabbit for my cat raw frozen and freeze dried mix

We might have a snore storm coming our way in Seattle from like tonight through Sunday but who knows so I’m running errands to prepare for that just in case it’s kind of fun to get snowed in and I can run around and take cool photos in the snow

Listening to an inspiring podcast about how we can take charge of our personal power and not get sucked into drama and arguing with anybody about what’s upsetting us and taking what is unique and creative about yourself and instead of following the herd and conforming to society doing what you really care about and what you love and being your authentic self this totally is right up my alley this is what drives me in life is the desire to just be my real self and not be a victim of conforming and following the herd but yeah learning how to cooperate with other people but emphasizing being authentic and doing things that I love and want to do that bring me joy and excitement and make life worth living etc taking responsibility for both my talent and my dark side my flaws and my beauty both and trying to not be a hypocrite or at least acknowledging when I am a hypocrite and then moving forward and just doing whatever I can do to contribute to the world in a positive way with my unique talent!

Take charge of your personal power and take anything you’re angry about and challenge into something productive

Nutrition and metabolic health matter

Free Range Human Radio by Goddess KRING 02-11-21 monologue about my world view and upbringing in san diego and whidbey island

i LOVE LOVE LOVE my new microphone!!!!!!!!!! it’s a yeti. i can plug into my webcam set up so i will sound better when zooming with others and my Free Range Human Goddess KRING Radio show will sound better! lovely!