Fasting and feasting for health

Yesterday ate from 830am until 230pm and then Fasted 230pm yesterday until 12noon today. Then ate today 12 noon until 730pm. 2 meals each day (no snacks in between- to rest my digestive system) feels great! Going for long walks each day and lifting weights every other day. im eating low carb/sugar and higher healthy fats and medium amounts of protein. #lchf #IntermittentFasting

here are a couple videos:

Franziska Spritzler – ‘Carbohydrate Restriction: The Key to Achieving Optimal Blood Sugar’

Dr. Troy Stapleton – ‘Carbohydrate Restriction in Diabetes Management’


Listen to your own body experiment with what you eat and use yourself as a science lab

Listen to your own body experiment with what you eat and use yourself as a science lab. I changed things around and my health is improving in tons of ways – body and mind. The best medical studies and science is doing it with your own body and seeing what works In your own life.

I quit wheat and all grains 5 years ago and it healed my thyroid. Started fasting 16:8 and eating more healthy fat and veggies july 5th and feel great and am getting leaner and my mental health is improving. It works.

have been fasting everyday since july 5th 2018 and feel great. might try a longer fast- i’m adding Pink Himalayan Salt to my drinking water to make sure i stay hydrated because i am losing more sodium from my body from fasting and eating LCHF (low carb, higher healthy fats) in my 8 hour window of eating i eat as much as a i want. it’s not “low calorie” at all. it’s just time restricted when i eat. this gives my digestive system a rest and my insulin and blood sugar levels get lower when i am fasting and my body has time and energy to repair and cleanse itself. this makes me feel good. when i eat, food tastes better than ever and my stomach feels happier eating this way. i have been a “snacker/grazer” my whole life so this is very different for me to “rest from eating” 16 hours a day. i have gotten leaner- and i feel satisfied when i do eat- so i don’t feel deprived of food.

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Goddess Kring radio on now! A music mix rerun I made

Goddess KRING Radio Music only show #6

Episode 6 tracks of music i love & improvisational talking on music & healthcare
sail the bright star: echo within me shannon kringen kringspeak 2010
up a creek tori amos native invader 2017
all you can carry tom petty hypnotic eye 2014
wake up smell the hitler shannon kringen kringspeak 1997
infinite intricate patterns claxton kent goddess kring synKRINGnicity 2014
ingest what you wanna manifest: trust nature by shannon kringen kringspeak 2017
the wheel by edie brickell and the new bohemians from shootings rubber bands at the stars 1988
white chalk by pj harvey from white chalk 2007
nasturisism by shannon kringen kringspeak 2009
reason with me Sinéad O’Connor How About I Be Me (and You Be You)? 2012
voulez dejavu shannon kringen kringspeak 1997
troubles lament tori amos Unrepentant Geraldines 2014
joe by tom petty the last dj 2002
dusty speckle echo shannon kringen kringspeak 2008
power drunk tom petty hypnotic eye 2014


Almond flour pancakes!  water, eggs,  almond flour and cinnamon and butter on top with blueberries #lchf  Low carb almond flour: lower in carbs than wheat and grain based flours. 1 cup of wheat flour contains a whopping 73g net carbs compared to 10g net carbs in 1 cup of almond flour.  almond flour is high in protein (21% by weight), manganese, vitamin E and monounsaturated fats, low in carbohydrates, and contains fiber

i am about 20 pounds leaner now than i was 3 months ago. would love to burn off another 20 pounds…or whatever the pudge weighs…my clothes are getting loser and fitting better and i feel good. im fasting 16:8 and eating #LCHF (low carb, high healthy fat, medium protein, exercise, 8 hours of sleep per night…grain free- the carbs i eat are mostly from veggies and some fruits….no wheat/rice/oats/processed foods in boxes made with flour etc.) real whole foods, whole fat from nature whether plant or animal based.

Idea for self empowerment

Since I’ve received some positive messages lately from appreciators of my creative work: I Have an idea about asking fans of my art work, creative expression, “Goddess Kring” persona etc to send me words they are ok with me publishing and writing about this inspiration- turning it into a book or online project for positive uplifting philosophy etc these people can be quoted with their name or remain anonymous- whichever they prefer….maybe they can share inspirational stories etc and this could uplift others and start a self empowering movement


Eating low carb higher healthy fats and feeling great getting leaner

Dinner: farmers market duck eggs and kale sautéed in grass fed butter with sea salt and nutritional yeast on top, with a side of fermented sauerkraut, green olives and celery (cucumber already eaten and not pictured) and dry roasted cashews. Fasting 16:8 and eating #lchf #lowcarb #healthyfat #fasting #intermittentfasting

Goddess KRING got to perform last night! FUN FUN

Had fun performing for a party along with many other performers last night at Gallery 1412 in Seattle! A rapper, a magician, a lighted up hoop dancer and more! They were very nice I did a great job danced to the music I made with Claxton Kent then did live poetry and then answered random questions …fun night.

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mt. rainier hike with a friend


Dinner after fasting 16:8