Creative Writing by Shannon Kringen Sept. 14, 2019:

Inner Judge, voice of varying choices. vices/addictions/advice/

where’s the new juicy thoughts?

chop off a chunk of the lot.

let go, create space

new opportunity

here now/ always now.

ad the vice of advice

squeezed between lines

unwind time

nose knows

the yes and no

scented neuroplasticity

mirror neurons


affirm what you desire

build bridges, see through walls.

cross the rubicon.

commit allow inner guidance.

do the flying dance.

pros and cons.

wealth within

begin again

beginners mind.

happenstance romance.

sit with the mystery of silence.

glided inviting wise mind.

in spring play the case


radiates grounded top soil.

barefoot in the green.

standing on neutral land.

nature never bland.

life’s filled with ampersand

and and and (& & &)

so much abundance

give that a chance.

lift up/lift off.

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really the way plants and animals are grown is messed up. large agriculture is messed up in all directions= synthetic fertilizers and not rotating crops of plant and animal side by side like small farms do and some farms in Europe and smaller countries outside the USA still do- MONO CROPS ARE BAD for the earth BOTH plants and animal farms- when possible buy meat from smaller local farms not to mention fruit and veggies and dairy and any foods plant OR animal based. land being clear cut for BOTH plant and animal farms- soybeans, grains, corn etc. and animals- top soil not being kept rich in minerals etc. all damages the planet. old fashioned farming was healthier. animal manure to keep the soil fertile etc. plants and animals grown SIDE by side. rotate crops- no monocrops. “mass production” of foods- BOTH plant and animal is not workable.

stonesmeCreative writing August 17, 2019
by Shannon Kringen.

Jaggerisms mannerisms/ trust the inner thrust it’s a must!

Jaggerisms mannerisms/ trust the inner thrust/ it’s a must! Tom Petty dreams. Hypnotised by the Jagger spell. Jagger mannerisms feeling the dreamy energy/ antidote to the nope nope nope/ negative human events/ violent tragedies/ expression of fear and anger feeding the duality/ human fallacy/ us versus them/ failing to see/ the unity in diversity. Captivated by echo in the canyon/ harmonising heart and mind/ fusing folk and rock ‘n’ roll/ California sound back to the best aspects of San Diego childhood/ knock on Woody Guthrie/ Dylan Petty forever Neil Young/ music washes away the dung. as magic as a green metallic beetle/ opalescent scent of that sound/ Morph to Tom Petty in a gourmet chocolate shop/ I noticed him talking to somebody about guitars while I was making a drawing in the kring style/ I glanced over at him giving him a knowing look of I really like your music but I don’t want to bother you don’t worry I respect you I’m not some creepy fan and he kind of nodded and smiled back at me like thank you for giving me my space. I went back to doing my art work and I was enjoying the smell of marzipan and chocolate in the air when Tom Petty walked past me and tapped me on the shoulder and said hey Shannon Kringen I know who you are you’re the art lady who wanted to paint me a top hat and I know that you are a solid hearted authentic human with depth and sincerity/ not some shallow groupie/ with that I got up and walked over towards him and said I’m so glad you said that can I give you a hug? and he said yes/ I hugged him and felt a strong heart and mind connection along with some romantic attraction/ I asked him if I could kiss him on the neck and he nodded and I said please Tell your wife Dana thank you so much for the loving words we shared on Instagram. Tom Petty replied well of course that’s exactly what matters in life is sincere connections. Fade into another Dream about meeting somebody who had never heard of Tom Petty or heard any of his music and it made me burst into tears and I said you’ve got to hear hypnotic Eye! And his full body of work/ each album is like a novel/ each song telling a story. Woke up from that dream crying for real and actually cried myself back to sleep thinking of artists who don’t have the full body of work appreciated and only known for a surface level value of what they do. The words no filler came to mind and thinking about Tom Petty records every song well done/ no filler songs. No filler morphs to no filter the name of the Rolling Stones 2019 tour/ no cheesy go through the motions/ rest three days perform one night rest again three days rinse repeat/ not cheating/ highest quality fine aged humans like fine wine/ 76-year-old fine Jagger-Richards wine. 76 and counting what a longevity blessing/ so refreshing/ lit up from within/ outward expression matching sensual sexual charge/ electrical human/ free wild expression. On a practical level avoided special event parking ranging from $40 to $60 bucks five dollar bottled water/ probably tap/ tap into frugal ways $2.75 bus ride/ zero traffic jam/ thanks m’am/ bring your own empty vessel/ fill with filtered water/ at the no filler stones show/ what a treasure/ beyond measure 81, 90, 19 (i saw the stones live in 1981, 1990 and 2019)

here is my essay on the concert:  What a magical Rolling Stones show in Seattle  08/14/19  I find music Very healing  and therapeutic.  Yes simple “fun” but way more than that.  A celebration of life in direct opposite to all the negative stuff happening in the world today.  A life affirming sexual sensual rebellious playful creative expression uniting all the fans in positive energy- I saw it as what “church” is supposed to be- Connecting and spiritual from a place of love and appreciating life / cooperation instead of competition- and their costumes were so beautiful !!! Mick came out with a sparkly jacket to begin with and a black silky shirt and the whole band seemed to be wearing snug fitting black pants very flattering on all of their handsome selves….Mick wore  lots of colourful silky shirts including a hot pink silky jacket and then a purple silky shirt and a blue silky shirt with sparkles like stars in the sky- I love that he wears very sensible comfortable dance rubber souled  shoes- I’d love to paint a pair of shoes for Mick Jagger that would be amazing ha ha ha ha!  Keith Richards wore a really pretty handsome green silky shirt and he wore these great bright green high top tennis shoes:  love those.  Ron Wood  had sparkly black shoes on the whole night and he wore a few different colourful shirts including florescent yellow and it looked  like velvety purple and red in layered and had bright rolling stone lip mouth logos repeating on his guitar strap…love the colour combinations.  Charlie Watts  wore  a more subdued coloured but nice green and purple inner and outer shirt.  I love the chemistry in the band between the four of them.  they had beautiful backup singers and a bass player and some keyboard players and some horn players and I forgot all of their names but everybody was so happy and smiling on stage and it all seems so genuine.   they were truly happy doing exactly what they love to do and bringing positive energy from the stage and sharing it with the audience.  The commercial aspect I don’t love like the expensive T-shirts and the ridiculous ticket prices and the ridiculous parking prices and all the junk food they sell at these kinds of events- And the idea of worshipping Rockstars and not seeing our own greatness is sad to me but the idea of being inspired by performers and feeling included in the positive energy and knowing that we also can create ourselves is fun and wonderful and magical and meaningful and healthy!  One last point I wanted to make was that it’s so inspirational to see people in their 70s so healthy and happy and fit.  Nobody has to be rich and famous in order  to take care of their bodies and exercise and eat healthy.   you can be fit and trim whether you’re young or old not that everyone has to be thin or skinny that’s not what I’m saying but if you want to be vibrant and healthy and strong you can take care of yourself and the Rolling Stones are examples of people who have done this.  I’m trying to say this in a way that doesn’t sound too judgemental but I feel very much in line and I resonate with the idea of ageing well and having longevity and yes we are all born with certain kinds of DNA but our lifestyles and what we eat and how much we exercise and if we get enough sleep and drink enough water all affects our health and how our DNA is expressed as well as our attitude and mental health and our relationships with other people and our jobs and just how we relate to  everything around us …and our own attitude about ourselves.. I see the Rolling Stones as a great example of how to age well and keep enjoying your life well into your old are years and just keep on enjoying it for as long as you can until you pass away basically!  Love is love and not fade away is one of the lines in one of their songs or is that a cover song “not fadeaway” ? Love that song.  I will close this little essay of mine about this experience of seeing the Rolling Stones in 2019 by saying it is absolutely delightful to watch Mick Jagger dance onstage and strut  his stuff…. so fun!   he is so playful with a great sense of humour… I see him as a very sexual sensual man in touch with his feminine side and is masculine side but I also see him as very childlike and fun in an enthusiastic creative expression way… like he’s not embarrassed to dance around and do primal unusual unorthodox movements… he’s following his own instinct and improvisational  dancing.  I absolutely love that it:  makes me happy!  It actually makes me cry and I love dancing around like him and imitating him and then coming up with my own improvisational way of moving.  as a figure model I relate to this.   I’m kind of a kinesthetic person.   I love watching the mannerisms of performers and people in general… especially Mick Jagger.   what an interesting way of moving and his facial expression are very interesting.  A  creative expressive person… just very uplifting and fun so playful like you know how you felt as a kid running around the playground open to just being playful and laughing and having fun!  A lot of adults seem to lose their sense of humour and their sense of fun and playfulness and how magical life can be and I feel like Mick Jaggers personality embodies that playfulness and basically celebrating being alive! How’s that for run on sentences and playful grammar!!!! 🙂   photos by Shannon Kringen from the show:

in the USA it’s all about competition and not enough about cooperation.

make America White/great again (is very Hitler like- talking years before the Holocaust when it started with mild propaganda blaming Jews and Communists for Germany troubles, now the USA is blaming immigrants for American troubles) it’s the powers that be (Military Industrial Complex and Deregulated Capitalism, the wealthy 1% hoarding/embezzling money, loop holes in the law allowing them to avoid paying taxes while lower income pay MORE in taxes, keeping the rest of the population poor, economic injustice, low wages for the masses- WAY TOO HIGH WAGES FOR CEO’S, rip off healthcare etc. as a “for profit” business and not a public service covering all equally like it is in most other nations: lots of money wasted on greed and not enough money spent on social programs, fixing the water systems, bridges, mass transit, high speed trains not funded, money wasted on price goughed healthcare for profit instead of CUTTING costs and covering everyone equally rich poor, young, old, sick and healthy= that are the problem not immigrants! HUGE military budget way too bloated to sustain. ECONOMIC INJUSTICE is the biggest problem in the USA. no rules on big pharma and how much they can charge. no limit. “freedom for corporations” to make as much money as they want HARMING average non wealthy citizens, American medications costing sometimes 20 times more than the cost in other nations, people dying or going bankrupt due to medical costs that are jacked up as high as humanly possible. this stuff should be ILLEGAL. THAT’S WHAT ANGERS ME NOT IMMIGRANTS coming here. unethical laws need to change. and IMAGINE if you survive one of these stupid USA shootings you will then need to worry about HUGE MEDICAL BILLS. $$$ USA,INC. needs to EVOLVE into a more humane nation. in the USA it’s all about competition and not enough about cooperation.

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