Breaking my fast: did not eat from 8pm until 1pm. 17 hours….Macadamia, pecan walnuts, Apple, avocado cheese and grapes and almond butter , green olives / got some of this free from food bank! So

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Fasting 16 hours a day then eating 8 hours (3 meals) feels great! The food tastes so good when you allow your body to get hungry and not “graze” allDay. During the 16 hours 8 is sleeping and the rest is me drinking water and one black coffee each morning or green or Yorkshire tea plain unsweetened and no cream…I also have water with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (the kind with good bacteria) I’m doing this to burn off fat but also to give my organs a rest from digesting and especially my pancreas a rest from needing to secrete insulin…improves insulin sensitivity they say and protects me from insulin resistance which can lead to health issues as I age…also teaches my body to burn its own fat for fuel and not just depend on food when I eat. I have more energy and do not feel deprived at all! I love eating…. I eat as healthy as possible but am not “counting calories” and I’m eating whole natural unprocessed foods mostly : low carbs low sugar and higher healthy fat and protein… No wheat and hardly any grains….And if I want ice cream and hazelnuts for one meal that’s what I eat! I thought I would pig out after fasting 16 hours but I’m finding my stomach feels full sooner than when I was eating throughout the day with 3 meals and snacks etc. I want to burn off about 30 pounds of fat and build muscle- I also exercise daily with weights at home every other day and then cardio walk bike hike rowing machine whatever I feel like doing around 20 to 60 minutes….more intense on non weight lifting days and more mellow cardio on weight lifting days…and if I feel really sore I rest for a day but I love to walk so it’s hard not to do at least a mellow 20 minute walk everyday! Doing this for mental health as well ! … #fasting #health #nutrition #selfcare

i just recorded a new “Goddess KRING” radio show for today! a monologue on fitness, health, nutrition, fasting, exercise, and two poems, and more on why i appreciate democratic socialism mixed with capitalism like they have in england where i was for 10 days recently…it will air today pst hollow earth radio dot org and then archived in mixcloud/goddesskring link below

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