Mod Men Band last night photos by Shannon Nicole Kringen

kringamorphosis by shannon kringen part of the silent art auction at women of wisdom conference 2020 seattle.

Is Bloomberg really trying to help us get a new better potus? or is he there to screw up the Bernie campaign so in another words is it true that Bernie has no chance or do we decide that? I know this is not a democracy (it’s an oligarchy) and our voting system is pretty absurd in the United States which is not united at all- really but I don’t want to focus on being angry or scared. I want to focus on keeping a clear mind and I’m seriously wondering if Bloomberg is just a distraction to throw a monkey wrench into the Bernie Sanders campaign because Bernie actually has a chance and is a threat to the military industrial complex and corporate elite who run USA inc. thus making it more likely that the current president will stay in another four years or is the system rigged and the Donald will stay in no matter what we do? I seriously wonder how rigged the USA voting system is because we all know that it’s mostly about money money money money money and money when you run for office and shareholders and Congress and Senate wanted to keep their jobs and going along with things… and very few Congress and Senate people have the guts to really do what’s right- we need ethics in the United States. But I’m not just gonna conform and go along and follow the herd and pretend like I know for sure that Bernie is unelectable! I tried to watch some video of Bloomberg and he gives me the creeps but the current president of the United States is really really creepy and abusive and disrespectful and I’m really freaked out about the whole thing and I will vote but at the same time I don’t want to miss out on having a good life and focusing on what I can do to make the world a better place and love my family and my friends and my cat and take good care of my body and my mind and not get so caught up in the media that I’m full of anger and fear! I admire Bernie Sanders policy ideas and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and seriously hope she will be the first female potus oneday…but for now we are here in 2020.

Bernie Sanders could win if we resist propaganda

Smelling FI$H? the media works directly for Wall Street and the military industrial complex and all the corporate “sponsors” who only care about making money and don’t want to change so of course they lie and say Bernie Sanders is unelectable – and they don’t cover Bernie as much as other candidates and they downplay how many people want Bernie to be the nominee and when they do mention Bernie it’s mostly negative – video illustrating this propaganda news trend on many many outlets

on the kobe bryant death: i am a female and i feel it’s STILL SAD when anyone dies in a plane crash no matter who they are and if they have done abusive/rape things or not. i actually think it’s gross that some humans think a person accused and or guilty of rape does not deserve “rip”. it is sad when someone dies in a tragic accident even if they do harm to others in their past. kobe bryant was a human being, an athlete, a father, a husband AND someone who did abusive things- i know hardly anything about him but i still think it’s sad that he and several others died in the helicopter crash including his 13 year old daughter. etc. sad to me the way humans “dehumanize” others who make bad choices and do harm- and act as if the whole person is just whatever bad things they have done and forget about all the good things this person probably did. #kobebryant #rip #condolances

good morning! waking up thinking: i want to focus on being a content creator and resist being a passive viewer. the whole “surveillance capitalism” is freaking me out and i want more time away from the internet and mass media and more time in nature with plants and animals and my own inner world etc. so much marketing an advertising everywhere. even “news” is selling you something. ideas are sold: not just “products and services”. do what you Love, don’t get sucked into the drama!

i love Laurie Anderson! have since i was a teen and heard her 1984 album “Mister Heartbreak” at my uncles house! agree with her ideas on not “labeling” yourself as a certain kind of artist if you don’t want to be pigeon holed! be free if you want. “multi media” keeps you free! i have always felt natural this way. some aRtists are happy to FOCUS on one medium. not me! follow your bliss as Joseph Campbell said “If you do follow your bliss you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. Follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.”

I love this tree! See it on my walks #tree #treesofinstagram #treesilhouette #shannonkringen #goddesskring #nature #beauty