nice shapes i saw in the “animal kingdom” disney created african village

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this is a door at disneyworld in tomorrowland in the magic kingdom that i saw lit up at night and zoomed on it!

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There are many people helped with medical conditions by eating differently. Drugs and surgery sometimes make things worse. Here is a movie telling a story of how ketogenic eating helped stop seizures in one little boy who was getting worse and worse on several medications and they wanted to do surgery on him that was risky. Ketogenic eating helps many people with seizures and epilepsy- the movie stars Meryl Streep and several cast members are seizure free from eating keto (which is high fat, low carb, medium protein) . Other conditions helped are diabetes type 1 and 2. And obesity and joint pain, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, skin conditions and more… it’s scary to me the way the mainstream medical system sometimes harms more than helps. Medical schools should teach nutritional effects on the body as one of the core principles of medicine instead of focusing on drugs and surgery. It’s not a fringe idea to change the way you eat to
Improve your health. Nutrition is powerful to the body chemistry. Nutrition is part of solid science!


my cat and i both are thriving on high fat low carb eating! i feed my cat raw meat with no carbs- special frozen food made for cats and hes thriving despite being mildly diabetic and he does not need insulin. and i am more mentally stable and lost 22 pounds so far eating this way and feel great. i also fast 16-18 hours a day


the irony of fearing democratic socialism is there is less extreme poverty with it!


And poverty is worse when we have unregulated capitalism. “socialism” varies like anything else. I’ve been to many European countries and stayed with friends benefiting from democratic socialism and Australia and seen first hand the good kind of socialism= public service healthcare with zero fear of large medical bills, well funded mass transit, huge beautiful train stations, lots of amazing museums, public art, bike racks, roads and water that are well maintained, pay phones, better prices on mobile phone services, higher speed internet and lower bills (my friend in the uk pays 1/2 what I pay for both internet and mobile phone) and yes higher taxes but the money is used to take care of society as a whole and not to line the pockets of the wealthy! And Canada – healthcare alone we can learn from when built into public services. Democratic socialism helps keep capitalism more ethical for citizens overall rich or poor or middle class.

We need solar investment and to stop the fossil fuel dependency/ and to plant trees, enrich the soil etc no matter what happens – and who cares about debating “is climate change” caused by humans or just a naturally evolving earth. Bottom line, take care of the planet. as “intelligent” humans that is what we would do. yes fix the water pollution in flint michigan and all over the planet. money should be used for this- and cut from war & weapon budgets!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Stuns Crowd With Speech


I offer my #flickr photos free to publish with credit under a creative commons license and have been extensively published already and encourage more of this!

Shannon Kringen poem 11/24 2018: seas greens seize green

seas greens seize green/ soulmate socks an array of metallic leotards green/ vibrating patterns/ creating that Strobe effect/ do you neglect to catch infinite intricate patterns/ notice who you are be beyond your addictions, superstitions, afflictions/ seeing mud puddle vortex doorways into parallel portals/ wandering light Take flight to ignite/ water seeds/ leading to new kinds of feeding it’s Freeing/ candidly so/ sewing sequins in your mind/ lining the time with presence/ letting go of tick-tock’s/ evoke the stoked every minute is now/ illicit delicious fasts and feasts. Beyond greed/ underneath the weeds/ feeding the Freed/ keep score that feeling of encore! in the core crispy green tart apples fertilize hormonal balance/ drink from the chalice/ delighted by the end of fighting/ tides turned/ earning worth/ like a worm/ one with soil/ heart and soul glowing. Paint that glitter Flickr and twitter/ iridescent hummingbird wings fluttering near nectar/ opalescent teal duck feathers warmed in cold/ skin shades ranging green to purple pink and orange to yellow/ learning to mellow with me fella/ sometimes missing Stella Bella but now kissing keesoon/ monkey boy/ orange furr blowing/ chomping on the Fresh green grass/ lion eyes inside my psyche/ Orangutan likes to see your ears dear/ that is clear/ full spectrum queer/ to conventional binary non binary/ beyond duality/ drop the formality/ be casual with me/ we are Freed: indeed/ doing organic lanterns land turns… nectarines and sour cream dream baby dream

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the sugar industry is exactly like the Tobacco industry claiming smoking is safe. tons of money being made off sugar addiction that harms people’s health. The Secrets of Sugar — watch out on how much #sugar you eat- companies add it to almost every kind of processed food there is. i avoid food in boxes for the most part and eat real food with zero added refined sugar. i cut sugar out mostly and am healthier than ever.

want to do your own radio show or podcast? it’s free and easy

someone just asked how to do a podcast “radio” show. i just emailed this person back and thought i’d share here too in case anyone wants to start their own show. it’s fun if you like to record your voice and you write or do improv or want to share your music or interview people etc.

you need a microphone, computer and a free program called “audacity” then record, edit and turn into mp3 to upload to or your choice of free website to store audio.

there is also a smart phone free app called “anchor” where you can record from your phone directly and upload to anchor and it allows you to also upload to itunes and google play

you could also put your podcast on youtube and use photos of you as visual if you wanted to share there also…i did that here:

i use mixcloud as it’s free:

after i record i then post in all my blogs about it and twitter etc. and spread the word. not sure how many listeners i have but i just keep recording cuz it’s fun!

i also air my show on hollow earth radio: