Draw me “Art Model Shannon Kringen” online Friday July 23rd 11am-2pm PST (1-4pm Central time, 2-5pm Eastern time)
in a private zoom session. sliding scale fee. share your email with me in comments and i can send you an invite and more details.

I finally recorded something again!   it’s been a few months since I recorded anything! In this monologue I talk about my technique of decorating my art car opal moonstone!  As a designer I’m very improvisational and intuitive and I’m influenced by lots of different cultures and art but I mostly just follow my own instincts

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come see my aRt car i call “Opal Moonstone” this weekend: ART CARnival SATURDAY, JULY 17, 2021 AT 11 AM–5 PM. Free Event · 640 Auto Blvd, Burlington, WA 98233-3700, United States

Opal Moonstone aRt car by me- so far, a long process! https://www.flickr.com/photos/shannonkringen/albums/72157719333137642

i am part of an aRt car show again! ART CARnival  SATURDAY, JULY 17, 2021 AT 11 AM–5 PM. Free Event · 640 Auto Blvd, Burlington, WA 98233-3700, United States.  come see my “opal moonstone”  aRt car and all the other cool cars that will be there on display!  take photos etc

see more of my aRt car here:

create freely with an open mind if you want.

Someone else’s post triggered me into saying this.. it seems like there’s all kinds of weird automated things happening now and we’re all being treated like children that need to be told and what opinions to have and what to do and believe …. it’s just creepy! even when you’re trying to leave somebody a comment and websites suggest comments that you can click on and it automatically types them for you… sort of discouraging people from using their own creativity and choosing their own words. it’s getting kind of weird….. Free speech, creativity and imagination are not being encouraged. Apparently we’re all supposed to act like robots and do as we are told! to the point where I feel like going around saying to people ” I am a robot I do as I am told I am a robot I do as I am told!!!!”. Sending good wishes to you and anyone reading this….

Making chili in my crock pot with 3 kinds of organic beans, onion, garlic, roasted and tomato paste, red peppers and grass-fed and finished ground beef….amazing how easy it is to make

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free range human being:

self portrait art photos of shannon kringen available to paint and draw from.

Very grateful and happy to share that a serious painter I’ve modeled for paid me for use of this image for a portrait class she is teaching. What a validating compliment she found this image powerful. I posted on mother’s Day with a short essay on Instagram ….she found it there …. on my grief on this day. It did not occur to me that this image would be useful for a portrait class! I’m so pleasantly surprised. Reminds me to keep expressing and valuing my contribution….

the little essay i wrote with this photo on mothers day that a painter appreciated and wanted to buy rights to use for a portrait class. this is SO VALIDATING! thank you to everyone who appreciates my expression- this encourages me to keep healing and helps me feel “connected” and part of community.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms. I almost became a mom but changed my mind in my twenties and now I’m 52 and I wonder what if but I’ll never know so I have to just accept the choices I made that brought me to where I am now. And I’ve always mostly preferred Solitude anyway so now I guess I get my wish. I’m an only child of divorced parents and I never had kids. But I guess I’m a mom to my cat and my house plants and I’m trying to be a mom to myself. And I always tried to be a mom to my mom because she really didn’t have much of a mom.

my self portraits available to draw and paint from, just donate to me. message me to arrange. thanks.

many more to choose from here:
“strong selfies”
and here “exploring narcissism”

to arrange a donation to me for use of my images in your art:

if you’d like to draw me Friday July 2, 2021 1pm – 4pm (CDT), 11-2pm (PST) 2-5pm Eastern time let me know! i am art modeling on zoom at that time tomorrow for a private group. message me for invite. thanks

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I love questioning and being open minded. The improv life is my style. Secret code speak is needed more and more since the popular trend now is rigid adherence to a script we are taught on many things. Sending good wishes to all whether you agree with me or not. Life on Earth is pretty fascinating and changes every second of every day