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Art Model Shannon Kringen

seeking photographers to work with!  Located in the Seattle area.  Will travel.


Seattle Art Model Shannon Kringen Open to working with New Photographers!

i want to do more photo shoots where i am dressed from head to toe and look good! i don’t have many like that. i want to do more fine art nudes also. full clothed and fully nude from head to toe. interested in both trade for print shoots and paid shoots. Unique ‪#‎Seattle‬ Model AND Photographer AND body painter:


Goddess KRING & Randy Bowles Live Performance January 4th Couth Buzzard Seattle
Live Performance
Sunday January 4th 2015

Goddess KRING will do spoken word and
Randy Bowles will sing folk music and play guitar.


Couth Buzzard Books Espresso
Buono Cafe 8310 Greenwood Ave N
Seattle, Washington


#Seattle Photographers! Model and Artist Shannon Kringen is seeking good photographers to model for as a trade for prints session! I want to update my modeling portfolio- I want both clothed and nude full body shots In a studio etc. with white or black simple back drops etc. here is my MM profile:

here is tom petty’s words on police brutality that happened way back during the Rodney King violence and injustice and i agree with him. violence only triggers more:
“Peace In L.A.” was written by Petty, Tom.

We need peace in L.A., what happened was wrong
We all feel betrayed, but we got to be strong
If the powers that be let evil go free
You must understand, don’t play into their hand

We need peace in L.A., peace in L.A.

Don’t need beating and shouting, don’t need burning and looting
Tonight we all pray, that our children are safe
There’s hurt and frustration, there’s a hard realization
But how can we help if we steal from ourselves?

We need peace in L.A., peace in L.A.
We need peace in L.A., peace in L.A.

Stay cool, don’t be a fool
Stay cool, don’t be a fool

At the End of our rope
Justice goes up in smoke
But if we all play the game
We’ll end up a joke

We need peace in L.A., peace in L.A.
We need peace in L.A., peace in L.A.

And all over the world
Whatever they say….

We need peace in L.A., peace in L.A.
We need peace in L.A., peace in L.A.


Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers – Peace In L.A.

i don’t think cops who murder people should go to prison (as it would not help fix anything) i think they should have their weapons taken away forever and have to do work that helps people live as well as pay the family of those they killed a percentage of their salary each month. i also think civilians should not be confrontational to the cops- it’s human nature for people to fight and defend when they feel invaded or attacked. both sides are fighting each other. it’s all based on fear. humans need to find a way to heal from this kind of crazy conflict. us verses them does not work. racism, sexism, classism, specieism is all based on “fear” of what you think is “different” or “better” or “worse” than you. we need to see how we are all connected yet different.

okay i watched this video and here is my response: the cop who killed her husband should have to pay her family monthly money to help them out.
and the cop who killed her husband and all the cops involved should have to do work that helps people from now on and no more gun carrying for them as cops. time for them to have a different JOB!
i know they did not shoot her husband= they held him down and he could not breath but still they should not be carrying guns as cops anymore and they should have to do other jobs that actually help the world and stop harming it

this also fits in with how i feel about how humans can help each other out:

this triggered me: the amanda palmer ted talk and book “the art of asking” is an important reminder to ask for what you want and join together with people who are supportive of this instead of trying to “fight against” all the injustice! i was raised in an alternative way and was taught to question everything and not go along with the status quo…so this whole “the system does not work” is not a shock to me at all. it is getting worse it seems- more and more people are needing to stop buying into the system and doing their own thing to survive. i make as much money as i can and spend as little as i can. i trade with people instead of always having to buy things. (most of my furniature was tossed out into the free pile) i shop at thrift stores, costco and trader joes to get good deals. i never buy water and carry my free water with me at all times. i rarely pay for parking and am wiling to walk 2 miles to get free parking=it’s good exercise anyway! when i travel i usually stay with friends who invite me or couch surf and i eat food from the cheapest stores i can find! i only spend money on things i really need and always find the best deal possible. i avoid fake bullshit as much as i can. okay now time to work! the amanda palmer ted talk and book “the art of asking” is an important reminder to ask for what you want and join together with people who are supportive of this instead of trying to “fight against” all the injustice!

Free Write: Shannon Kringen  11/22/14:

no one is immune to needing community
kindness is contagious!
we’re always planting seeds whether we know it or not.
improve the groove, find a new place to move
be a smart lassie
always lube your own chassie
this circumstance reminds me the importance of inter-depend-dance
beyond co-depend-dance
grieving stella bella
blind dating fellas
seeking a soul mate
enjoying a friend with benefits
touch feeds me like vitamins
sorry to the guy who fell through the cracks
no need for violence, instead bring in the violins
growing into stronger boundaries
giving thanks to chaos
allows us to digest the mess
and invest in healing stress
tuning into higher vibrations
enticing harmony and cooperation
it’s a tremendous opportunity for growth
rising above the drama
like a llama
thankful i’m not a momma
seeing through transluscent panoramic
patterned visions
as market value rises
realizing it’s i who must define the lines
trusting and loving the divine
in fact, eating from the vine.
time is on my side
decide in wise mind

by Shannon Kringen

more of my spoken word/poetry here:
Spoken Word Artist
Shannon Kringen

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Winter Glow by Shannon Kringen. more landscapes here:

micmirror micsmilemicrandy micstage

Randy Bowles and Goddess KRING performed recently in Seattle at “VERB SLINGERS! SPOKEN WORD OPEN MIC” Tim’s Tavern on 105th
602 N 105th
Seattle, WA 98133

Music and Spoken Word by Shannon Kringen
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my new friend Randy Bowles Folksinger:



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