i just am amazed at how many intelligent people seem to have a blind fold on when it comes to seeing this issue from the side of people who have to live in Gaza and deal with Israeli military attacks! i think it’s just some kind of psychological block to seeing reality of BOTH sides of this war. sort of like how i feel about 9/11. many believe the mainstream story and refuse to accept that maybe lies were told and that explosives were used by someone to flatten those towers (all 3 towers)

ironic as “religion” is supposed to align and unify humans i think! if people would listen to the wisdom maybe? they would not be so violent.


Art Model Shannon Kringen http://shannonkringen.com/figuremodel.htm
More Self Portratis by Shannon Kringen https://www.flickr.com/photos/shannonkringen/sets/72157645143352534/

Custom Mobile phone skin designed by Shannon Kringen

i just created and ordered this custom skin for someone who wanted one from me…i am also hand coloring the rubberized case for the phone. this design will be a sticker that goes directly on the phone! more designs: http://shannonkringen.com/designs.htm

CALLING ALL PEOPLE WHO HAVE CONNECTIONS IN THE ART WORLD. KNOW ANYONE WHO I COULD PITCH THIS IDEA TO? i could fill an entire gallery space easily! one wall of paintings, one wall of photos, a video installation, music and poetry and i could perform live spoken word in the space. i could also model for anyone who wants to draw me nude! what a show that would be! Goddess KRING renaissance lady grace and curves, deserves the spotlight tonight. i could body paint people too!

Art Model Shannon Kringen


Shoe painter Shannon Kringen


Spoken Word/Experimental Music by Shannon Kringen



Video Monologues by Shannon Kringen


Abstract Expressionist Painter Shannon Kringen



Creative Photographer Shannon Kringen



Creative Writing/Spoken Word Writer Shannon Kringen


Art Resume of Shannon Kringen:


Books Self Published by Shannon Kringen
“aRt, Identity and the Sacred”


“selfies: outside the box”


Contact Shannon Kringen Goddess KRING

Shannon Kringen
P O BOX 20355
Seattle, WA 98102

kringgoddess at yahoo dot com




i sold a greeting card of this artwork of mine: Inside the Drawing




Black and White Goddess KRING

A self portrait I did thinking of the beautiful old Hollywood glamor photos of Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo. I’m a big fan of dramatic angles and lighting when I model for myself. http://shannon-kringen.artistwebsites.com/featured/black-and-white-goddess-kring-shannon-kringen.html


i sold a print of this last year. i’d love to sell more prints or greeting cards of this image “Fish Eye Flower” A lovely flower I found on the campus of the University of Washington in Seattle, WA USA. I used a fish eye lens for this to enchance the shape of this plant. http://fineartamerica.com/featured/fish-eye-flower-shannon-kringen.html


i SOLD a print of this recently. Seattle Skied by Shannon Kringen. Prints for Sale. you can buy prints here: http://shannon-kringen.artistwebsites.com/featured/seattle-skied-shannon-kringen.html OR DIRECTLY FROM ME JUST ASK THANKS!


a collage of the paintings of me from a 12 hour pose i did. 2 days in a row of a six hour pose.

Art Model Shannon Kringen
Modeling since 1992.

“Shannon is a serious model. She shows up on time, works together with me to find the right attitude of the pose,
is enthusiastic and committed to the long haul. She is great in every way. Professional, creative and so very nice to work with!”
~Tip Toland.

“When I think of Shannon, I know that I am lucky to know her, and even more importantly,
It is always great when I have the chance to work with her as my model. I enjoy listening to her when she tells me about her projects
and what she might be doing with her art. I have been drawing nude people in classes and also drawing groups since I was in high school,
so that’s about 15 years for me at this point. I think that Shannon might have been one of the first people that I worked with at a young age.
As my experience as a draftsman has developed I have found that the model does make a difference in my drawings.
In my really good drawings I believe there is some type of psychological connection that the drawing speaks
of long after I have drawn the image. The way the model sits and the aura that one projects is mainly where
this psychology must be interpreted. Shannon is one of those models who’s body language isn’t a facade,
she is pure at heart and can’t really hide what is on her mind, and you can tell. I find that it becomes evident in my drawings
when working with her. As an observer I have always been interested in Shannon’s work, from her video based
cable access TV show that was always so cool to the shoes she paints,
I find it very stimulating the way she interprets the world and the ideas that she is working through”
~Jonathan Clarren

“A font of creativity and the Queen of Seattle figure models, Shannon has worked with leading artists in the Seattle area for years,
is the subject of innumerable paintings and drawings, and she is compelling, inventive, and truly professional.
Rare indeed is the Seattle-trained figurative artist who has not drawn her. I have worked with Shannon in a quite number of my college
and private figure classes, and I can strongly recommend her work as an artists’ model.”
~Jamie Bollenbach

“I worked with Shannon for several years, hiring her regularly to model for many of the figure drawing classes that I taught.
Shannon is easy to work with and very reliable; she also has great endurance on the stand,
an important quality that is easy to take for granted. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a good figure model.”
~Katy Stone

“I have used Shannon as an Art model for over ten years, and I will continue to do so in the future.
She is reliable, creative and trustworthy, a wonderful asset to the art community.”
~Preston Wadley

“Shannon is a creative thinker and artist in her own right.
Her life is her canvas and she aspires to the Bauhaus ideal that an artist’s hand should touch everything in their lives.
She was always a pleasure to see in class and the students always knew how valuable she is.
I was particularly fond of her as a model, because she always presented a challenge
that I could never quite capture. Many of my students made similar comments.
An elusive muse who inspires us to do better.”
~Jon Rader Jarvis

Shannon Kringen Fine Art Model
5 foot 9
You can hire me to model for your art class.
drawing, painting, sculpture, photography.

I currently work at:
Gage Academy of Fine Art
The Art Institute of Seattle
Pratt Fine Arts Center
Cornish College of the Arts
Many different Private Art Studios
A variety of Community Colleges



tonight is the opening at the Center for Spiritual Living- Seattle where i have 3 photos hanging and for sale! 6-9pm come say hi in Seattle! last year i SOLD a photo in this same show! hoping for another sale or two this year! come and buy my art fans of mine!

5801 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle WA 98105

Art by Shannon Kringen for sale:


Paintings: http://shannonkringen.com/paintingsforsale.htm
Shannon Kringen Art book for Sale:



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