Free Write: Shannon Kringen  11/22/14:

no one is immune to needing community
kindness is contagious!
we’re always planting seeds whether we know it or not.
improve the groove, find a new place to move
be a smart lassie
always lube your own chassie
this circumstance reminds me the importance of inter-depend-dance
beyond co-depend-dance
grieving stella bella
blind dating fellas
seeking a soul mate
enjoying a friend with benefits
touch feeds me like vitamins
sorry to the guy who fell through the cracks
no need for violence, instead bring in the violins
growing into stronger boundaries
giving thanks to chaos
allows us to digest the mess
and invest in healing stress
tuning into higher vibrations
enticing harmony and cooperation
it’s a tremendous opportunity for growth
rising above the drama
like a llama
thankful i’m not a momma
seeing through transluscent panoramic
patterned visions
as market value rises
realizing it’s i who must define the lines
trusting and loving the divine
in fact, eating from the vine.
time is on my side
decide in wise mind

by Shannon Kringen

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Winter Glow by Shannon Kringen. more landscapes here:

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Randy Bowles and Goddess KRING performed recently in Seattle at “VERB SLINGERS! SPOKEN WORD OPEN MIC” Tim’s Tavern on 105th
602 N 105th
Seattle, WA 98133

Music and Spoken Word by Shannon Kringen
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my new friend Randy Bowles Folksinger:



RIP Stella Kringen 10/31/14. She passed away tonight with me on my bed. i held her and witnessed her death. I feel grateful she seemed to wait until i got home from work. (my arms and legs felt nauseus while i was at work. i think it was empathy for Stella) i was with her all day long…then i dropped her off at my neighbors & they made sure she was resting comfortably. i came home, talked with my neighbors about Stella then brought her home…she started movements within 10 minutes of me bringing her home. i layed her on my bed and held her while she died. i will bury her in my mom’s yard with many other cats. Aslan, Bogie, Mick, Jagger, Bacall, Tux and now Stella. i feel sad and miss her and feel a sense of relief knowing she is at peace and her soul is free and has dropped her no longer working body.

next time someone tells you “it’s just a cat or dog” say to them “you are JUST a human”

my neighbors came over the say good bye to stella. we all cried and petted her and told stores about our good memories of her! how sweet is that? such LOVE.

TODAY is my birthday feel free to wish ,me one here if you want friends. i turn 46 at 6:20something PM 10/25

ask for what you want everyone: here is my desire: for my birthday i want to get myself a massage. *donations always accepted! gift certificates for massage etc Shannon Kringen P O BOX 20355 Seattle, WA, United States 98102 thanks!


In my life it’s a HOLIDAY! Tom Petty Day! October 20th 1950 he was born. Happy 64th Birthday Tom Petty! (here is a t shirt i made years ago with a hand painted top hat i’d love to give to him in person-but have given up on that dream as he does not like to meet “fans” and he also seems to prefer earth tones…i could paint him an earth tone hat or some suede boots in earthy shades)

Hand Painted Shoes
by Shannon Kringen

(i did paint shoes for tori amos and gave them to her 3 times.  1996, 2005, 2014…and i requested tori play a tom petty song…and she did!  free falling in toronoto)


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Creative Photographer
Shannon Kringen

my response to: Defending wheat: Farmers fight back against gluten-free trend

the only proof i need that wheat is bad for me and how i feel now without eating any of it for 1 1/2 years. i lost 45 pounds of fat and my moods are more stable, and my thyroid is now normal…and i crave less junk food and enjoy all the foods i do eat. i was never into pastries and cookies and donuts etc. but i used to eat pizza a lot and “whole grain” organic and “sprouted grain” breads i thought were “healthy” i feel better without them all. i dropped all of the wheat and bread and feel much better. blood sugar is more stable.

instead of wheat products i eat:

eggs/meat sometimes not much
veggies, fruits,
yogurt and cheese sometimes
tofu sometimes

i avoid “gluten free” processed foods made with any kind of flour.

i eat ice cream sometimes and dark chocolate and chocolate covered nuts and iced coffee

i drink a lot of water and i exercise almost every day. (walking, biking, jogging, weights at home)


on yesterdays walk! feel free to download this and share it online etc. this one has my name on it! More photography by Shannon Kringen


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