In my life it’s a HOLIDAY! Tom Petty Day! October 20th 1950 he was born. Happy 64th Birthday Tom Petty! (here is a t shirt i made years ago with a hand painted top hat i’d love to give to him in person-but have given up on that dream as he does not like to meet “fans” and he also seems to prefer earth tones…i could paint him an earth tone hat or some suede boots in earthy shades)

Hand Painted Shoes
by Shannon Kringen

(i did paint shoes for tori amos and gave them to her 3 times.  1996, 2005, 2014…and i requested tori play a tom petty song…and she did!  free falling in toronoto)


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Creative Photographer
Shannon Kringen

my response to: Defending wheat: Farmers fight back against gluten-free trend

the only proof i need that wheat is bad for me and how i feel now without eating any of it for 1 1/2 years. i lost 45 pounds of fat and my moods are more stable, and my thyroid is now normal…and i crave less junk food and enjoy all the foods i do eat. i was never into pastries and cookies and donuts etc. but i used to eat pizza a lot and “whole grain” organic and “sprouted grain” breads i thought were “healthy” i feel better without them all. i dropped all of the wheat and bread and feel much better. blood sugar is more stable.

instead of wheat products i eat:

eggs/meat sometimes not much
veggies, fruits,
yogurt and cheese sometimes
tofu sometimes

i avoid “gluten free” processed foods made with any kind of flour.

i eat ice cream sometimes and dark chocolate and chocolate covered nuts and iced coffee

i drink a lot of water and i exercise almost every day. (walking, biking, jogging, weights at home)


on yesterdays walk! feel free to download this and share it online etc. this one has my name on it! More photography by Shannon Kringen



more photos by Shannon Kringen

for those wanting to order a kring t shirt it’s a risk free sale for you: Redbubble has a good return policy. if you don’t like the shirt size/style etc and need to change t, you can order another one with no extra charge! they did this for me!


my mom just sent me this lovely quote “Love is the natural condition of all experience before thought has divided it into a multiplicity and diversity of objects, selves and others.” not sure who said it?


i just made another sale! Collage of KRING Designs by Shannon Kringen


one way hope for america by shannon kringen

one way hope for america


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