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goddess kring radio show

my radio show today is a new monologue for 30 minutes then a variety of music tracks i created…felt good to record something new. it’s on hollow earth radio dot org 3-4pm then i upload and archive on ‘mixcloud dot com slash goddess kring’ all free to listen!








follow your heart. hear aRt heart.

this is not shallow or about “famous” people as much as about real human beings that are aRtists who i love the music of and they symbolize following your heart and trusting your gut and dreams- tom petty and tori amos are EXAMPLES of humans who stuck with their passions and manifested their dreams= something i have lost touch with recently and want to get back to it and stop worrying about being labelled a “narcissist by others or by my own dark side internally= maybe i am a narcissist on some level but it’s a coping mechanism for me to feel a sense of “self” and survive and build self confidence etc i guess? i want to just do what i love and drop all the worry and fear. tom petty and tori amos are “heroes” on that level to me) Just woke from a dream where I met tom petty on part of his last tour and his second wife Dana backstage and they asked for my phone number – “they remembered me” and asked why my dad was not with me…I tried to find my good version of my business card and could not find one- had to give them two not great business card versions and hand write my phone number on the card- Dana said give her two copies- we know you’re trustworthy and genuine they both told me. In reality I had interactions with both of tom Petty’s wives – in 1992 his first wife Jane wrote me back a postcard (she used to help run his Encino California fan club) and I had sent hand made postcards everyday for 6 months (with tom petty wearing a hand painted top hat by me on each card) wanting to meet tom and give him a hand painted tom hat I painted…tom did not like to meet fans very often…long story never met him but was happy to get a letter back from his first wife – but then felt embarrassed and stopped writing…then recently his second wife Dana and i said a few words to each other in the “tom Petty nation” group online where she pops in occasionally and she was telling us she could not be at the Gainesville florida tom petty park opening 10/20/18 in regards to everything being connected/synchronicity and she quoted Buddha and told me she was touched by my wisdom and kindness when I mentioned numbers I turn 50 and tom was born in 1950, tom would have been 68 on 10/20/18 and I was born in 1968…long story- the point being follow your heart and do what you love. Made me flash on regretting not going to the 2006 highway companion tour where Stevie nicks was a special guest and my boyfriend at the time did not want to go and he said you go have fun by yourself – I wish I would have gone solo but I missed it. This makes me think of sally field in her new memoir book “ in pieces” talking about staying home instead of going to the ceremony where she was nominated for an acting award for Norma Rae maybe? – with the tv turned down because her boyfriend Burt reynolds went to bed early and told her “Don’t expect to win” – talk about dysfunctional relationships! This is a warning to myself to stop abandoning yourself and honor and respect your talent and desires especially if those close to you do not want to be with you doing things you care about. Time for coffee! Might Expand this post later and add to all my 5 blogs and record for my radio show goddess Kring. Lately I have lost touch with my dreams both sleeping and waking. for those who don’t know i also hand painted shoes for musician tori amos. tom petty and tori amos are my two favorite musical composers/songwriters/singers/performers. two amazing individuals. i have met tori amos 3 or 4 times at “meet and greet” before sound check and gave her hand painted shoes 3 times in person. she wore the shoes i painted for her on stage in 1996 at the paramount theatre in seattle and thanked me from the microphone by name which totally shocked me! i was in the audience wearing hand painted shoes i made for myself while tori amos was on stage wearing the ones i painted for her. sweet moment. i got a back stage pass that night and was able to say hello to tori and share a nice hug with her. follow your heart and trust yourself everyone. find the deeper self within and listen to your own unique voice. be authentic is my advice.


Here at the Frye art museum for Free 30 minute meditation. Have wanted to do this for a couple years. Finally a day I can – walked two miles here to avoid parking hassle and for exercise


Goddess KRING radio monologue- giving homeless people food and my healthy fats!

12/27/18 monologue on: I just gave a homeless man a banana and some guacamole and he seemed so happy…he almost cried and I almost cried…I think he was legit- he was begging on the side of the road with a sign that just said “food please” and he was so thankful and he said God bless you etc it was nice and felt good…I hope his day is better…I feel awful about the growing homeless population in Seattle…every homeless person has a story and multiple reasons for their situation….best to not assume or judge I think…don’t underestimate what a small gesture of kindness can do. If everyone did more kind things for each other it would be contagious – and yes we need to push to change laws and improve things tax the wealthy, have single payer healthcare AND two songs i made and nutrition talk


nice shapes i saw in the “animal kingdom” disney created african village

see more of my photo aRt here:


this is a door at disneyworld in tomorrowland in the magic kingdom that i saw lit up at night and zoomed on it!

see my photos from florida https://www.flickr.com/photos/shannonkringen/disneydoor

There are many people helped with medical conditions by eating differently. Drugs and surgery sometimes make things worse. Here is a movie telling a story of how ketogenic eating helped stop seizures in one little boy who was getting worse and worse on several medications and they wanted to do surgery on him that was risky. Ketogenic eating helps many people with seizures and epilepsy- the movie stars Meryl Streep and several cast members are seizure free from eating keto (which is high fat, low carb, medium protein) . Other conditions helped are diabetes type 1 and 2. And obesity and joint pain, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, skin conditions and more… it’s scary to me the way the mainstream medical system sometimes harms more than helps. Medical schools should teach nutritional effects on the body as one of the core principles of medicine instead of focusing on drugs and surgery. It’s not a fringe idea to change the way you eat to
Improve your health. Nutrition is powerful to the body chemistry. Nutrition is part of solid science! https://youtu.be/HyeC9IiFKpw


my cat and i both are thriving on high fat low carb eating! i feed my cat raw meat with no carbs- special frozen food made for cats and hes thriving despite being mildly diabetic and he does not need insulin. and i am more mentally stable and lost 22 pounds so far eating this way and feel great. i also fast 16-18 hours a day


the irony of fearing democratic socialism is there is less extreme poverty with it!


And poverty is worse when we have unregulated capitalism. “socialism” varies like anything else. I’ve been to many European countries and stayed with friends benefiting from democratic socialism and Australia and seen first hand the good kind of socialism= public service healthcare with zero fear of large medical bills, well funded mass transit, huge beautiful train stations, lots of amazing museums, public art, bike racks, roads and water that are well maintained, pay phones, better prices on mobile phone services, higher speed internet and lower bills (my friend in the uk pays 1/2 what I pay for both internet and mobile phone) and yes higher taxes but the money is used to take care of society as a whole and not to line the pockets of the wealthy! And Canada – healthcare alone we can learn from when built into public services. Democratic socialism helps keep capitalism more ethical for citizens overall rich or poor or middle class.

We need solar investment and to stop the fossil fuel dependency/ and to plant trees, enrich the soil etc no matter what happens – and who cares about debating “is climate change” caused by humans or just a naturally evolving earth. Bottom line, take care of the planet. as “intelligent” humans that is what we would do. yes fix the water pollution in flint michigan and all over the planet. money should be used for this- and cut from war & weapon budgets!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Stuns Crowd With Speech