mobiledesignmobile phone case i made with my aRt


window reflection abstractions by shannon kringen

i just made this collage from photos i took of mylar bubbles in window reflections.  more of my aRt here:

Amanda Happening Goddess Kring Interviewtwome



recent shot i did with my new camera thanks to your support! i plan to next get a zoom lens for my DSLR an 18-270 pentax lens (unless someone has one used they want to gift me or sell me? ) i might also want to save/raise money for a waterproof camera similar to the one i had that was stolen (a canon D10) thanks for your support!🙂 i will send everyone who wants one a signed print! or take photos of you or your pets etc. if you live nearby if you want!🙂 i love to create with cameras. love, shannon

see my photo aRt here:
and here:



(My apartment was robbed on July 15th and my cameras stolen= so i set up this fundraiser to help me replace one or more cameras to make aRt)

so grateful and happy to have an SLR again. thanks for your donations everyone. i raised the total to $700 just in case others want to pitch in. i’d like to eventually get another waterproof camera like the one stolen (canon D10) and a pentax lens that is 18-270 similar to the lens i had on my canon DSLR that was stolen. i plan to use the $600 donated to me for a new or used Canon Powershot SX60HS. will look for the best deal- also getting $100 cash back from a credit card deal so that is helping cut the cost a little also. i will be sending EVERYONE who wants it a photo print i make and hand sign just for each of you! thanks again, love, shannon!

(if you prefer donating directly to me i have paypal and google wallet or you can send check/cash/money order to: Shannon Kringen PO BOX 20355 Seattle, WA 98102) THANKS! email me with any questions: kringgoddess at yahoo dot com



i took this photo of the lemurs with the canon powershot that was stolen. i am excited to get a new or used replacement camera soon so i can zoom this much! these creatures were very far away from me! see full size image here: and here is my go fund me if you want to donate to my camera fund! i also have paypal: kringgoddess at yahoo dot com and google wallet: shannonkringen at gmail dot com and you can send cash/check money order: Shannon Kringen
P O BOX 20355
Seattle, WA 98102

happy to share i am at $325 of $500 goal plus some other donations which brings it up to $365 so far. thanks!



donate to me here:
Help Goddess KRING get a camera!

Friday July 15th my apartment was broken into after someone stole my landlords keys and used them to rob my space. they took 5 cameras and one netbook laptop i had. (LIST OF ITEMS STOLEN FROM ME: Canon Powershot G12, Canon DSLR T3I with tamron zoom lens, Canon Powershot SX10IS, Canon Powershot Canon SX50 HS, Netbook Laptop Asus EEE PC Netbook (2007) . with batteries and memory cards.)

i don ‘t really need 5 cameras so my goal would be to just replace one for now. the camera i miss the most is my “Canon PowerShot SX50 HS” it did everything i need. video, still, macro close ups and super zooming up to 50X optical. it has the LCD flip screen i need for the best selfies and for doing video monologues.

so i would love to raise funds to get a “nearly new” Canon Powershot SX50HS. they seem to run about $400 something plus tax. i’d love to raise $500 to help me get an extra battery and some memory cards and the theives took all my memory cards and chargers along with my cameras. i lost around $3500.00 worth of equipment i had accumulated over the last 10 years and sadly i did not have renters insurance. thankfully my landlord is giving me credit on one month of rent to help me out since his insurance does not cover my property being stolen. i am very grateful for any support i can receive. if you prefer to just donate to me privately in another way email me and we can work something out! thanks. love, shannon
if you donate i can also send you a gift! a print of one of my photos i take with this new camera you helped me buy! i can sign and mail to you!

thanks, love, shannon “Goddess KRING”

(if you prefer donating directly to me i have paypal and google wallet or you can send check/cash/money order to: Shannon Kringen PO BOX 20355 Seattle, WA 98102) THANKS! email me with any questions: kringgoddess at yahoo dot com



aRt, Identity and the Sacred
words from my book:

by Shannon Kringen

Artists Statement:

This book is a container to place my ideas about the connection between making art,

developing a sense of self and feeling connected to the sacred beyond the individual.

I work improvisationally with cameras, writing poetry/spoken word, drawing and painting

abstractly inspired by the shapes and repeating patterns I see in nature. Being a spontaneous

photographer and abstract artist is similar to the disciplines of meditation and spiritual


I spell “Art” as “aRt” to draw attention to the aesthetic in the creative process being about a

sensitivity to the literal shapes and unique creations that happen when one is in engaged in

making aRt. I enjoy how the word looks and see this as symbolic of the what aRt is.

I am a dancer when I shoot photos. I move in a graceful motion looking into my camera frame

until the shapes look “right”.

I capture what is naturally there but in a way that abstracts it and makes the viewer notice

something new and different about ordinary physical reality. Because of my emphasis on

being in the present moment and my love for travel and being open to life as it unfolds without

planning I do not limit myself to photographing any one subject.

I do many self portraits which I call “Self Portals”. I see them as doorways into aspects of my

psyche that I want released and expressed. I also capture Urban Decay, Reflections and

Shadows on water, mud puddles, through transparent surfaces such a windows. I also enjoy

photographing animals, wildlife, water droplets on plants, abstract close ups of texture, clouds

reflected in water.

All the subject matter is related as it’s about the Tao of allowing life to unfold in the present

moment and being surprised by synchronicities and paradoxes as they arise and dissolve.

Often times I feel like I wander and randomly shoot photos then when I edit my work I see a

theme and pattern to what I am doing.

This amazes me and informs me that my sub conscious mind is speaking through me. I also

paint abstractly and write poetry that I hear in my head. I use a similar approach to all

mediums. It’s intuitive and I feel guided by energy within me. My process is very kinesthetic.

Some of the spiritual practice characteristics shared with photography are: freedom from the

sense of self, receptivity, spontaneity, acceptance, and non-attachment.

Creative Photography can be seen as an communion between the self and the environment

with no sense of separation.

A spontaneous photographer responds in the present moment and lets things happen. The

photograph almost takes itself. My best photographs have been done this way. Suddenly free

and open to what is around me. Having never seen that kind of light or shape before. My

heart and mind are in love with what I see and I shoot when it feels right. This cannot be


People tell me after seeing my photographs of shapes in water and mud puddles and chrome

they now notice things out walking they never saw before. aRt can be transformational for

both the aRtist and the viewer of the work. Flowing with life and not rebelling against it.

Accepting what is “pretty” or “ugly” both equally being “equanimous”. All these spiritual

principles are used in creative photography. All my work no matter what medium is

approached as improvisational intuitive practice and is not planned out but felt in the moment

and allowed to happen.

aRt, Identity and the Sacred defined:

What is aRt?

Art is a language. Art is a way of expressing yourself and tapping into the dreamworld and

subconscious as well as the collective unconscious. Sometimes aRt can be the best way to

reach eccentric individuals who may be creatively gifted and yet have deficits in other areas

of learning. (ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism etc. ) Through the practice of making visual art or

music, theatre, dance, and writing stories; someone can connect both inwardly with deeper

parts of the self as well as externally with others forming a sense of community and


What is Identity? As human beings we all have many similarities and yet we are all unique like

snowflakes, no two alike. Each individual person has their own patterns in their fingerprints.

To be an adult means being autonomous. The individuation process is helped by finding your

own voice that is completely your own. This allows you to be differentiated and freely your

own self. .

What is The Sacred? The Sacred is something beyond the individual self that connects all of

life. This ties in with nature. The whole ecosystem depends on each plant and animal to play

it’s part in the web of life. Humans are merely one species on this planet. Earth, water, sun,

plants and mammals are work together in this rich complex symphony of life. To me, sacred

ties in with what I would call “spiritual” meaning that which creates and connects all life

beyond the individuals.

How do aRt, Identity and the Sacred intersect?

I am fascinated by the paradox of finding yourself through losing yourself. “Self” seems to

be elusive. When I look for myself I cannot seem to feel satisfied in “finding” it. When I am

making aRt I am in love with the present moment. It’s literally a gift. When I surrender and let

go of trying to “find” something it usually appears.

A line from one of my poems that connects with trying to find the self:

“fragile sense of self, intangible desire for wealth”

and another:

“ocean beam, come clean, come clean manifesting dreams.

Inner energy life force come forth.

Black fire feather rain

straining the stream of consciousness againe”

Art, Identity and the Sacred all together are about wholeness beyond the duality of opposites.

The creative process is the language I speak to integrate my individual self into the river of life

that I am part of. I use my aRtwork as a mirror for myself and others to see and project into.

The universe is one and yet full of seemingly separate entities. My aRt is my spiritual practice

where I express myself and connect with the whole of life. Reflections are a communication

tool. I am fascinated by mirrors, projections, reflections, patterns that repeat. I call them

“infinite, intricate patterns.” From microscopic to giant planets floating around in space. We

are all part of this amazing universe. There is order in the chaos and chaos in the order. I

am interested in relationships and patterns that mirror one another. Like the dendrites on

trees that mimic the veins inside the human body. I see my art practice as a whole way of

dancing with these repeating patterns.

Art, Identity and the Sacred book by Shannon Kringen

Can the sleeve of the book have this? Or the first page?

“I am Shannon Kringen Multi Media “aRtist” and intuitive, improvisational creative thinker. I

work as a figure model for artists, paint onto shoes and “paint with my camera” as well as

literally painting and drawing onto paper/canvas. I am inspired by repeating patterns I see in

nature. II refer to this as “infinite, intricate patterns”. Shapes, colors and textures I see in the

present moment are what inspire me to create. I consider making art my spiritual practice

that keeps me fresh in the present moment and allows me to connect with the world around


Chapter 1 Abstract Drawings and Photos:

My intuitive way of drawing and painting inspired by Austrian Artist Hundertwasser and Nature

itself. I never plan what I photograph, draw or paint. I feel energy in my hands and body and I

respond accordingly in the present moment. I am often surprised by what I create. I choose

colors very carefully knowing value and contrast is the key to creating pleasing compositions.

I see complimentary and high contrasting value and color as a symbol for seeing beyond the

duality of opposites. Yin/Yang, Hot/Cold, Good/Bad, Day/Night, Wet/Dry. I see the universe

as one whole being that contains many parts many of which appear to be the opposite of

each other. The Whole needs each part to be one cohesive piece of life When I shoot

photos I watch for light, shape, texture and carefully frame the image in my camera.

Chapter 2 Nature

I am in love with plants and animals. I think human beings can learn a lot from observing

nature and whole ecosystem which I feel very connected to. My “spirituality” is very much

married to plants and animals. I feel happiest and most at peace while close to the natural

world. I see my photos of plants and animals as a way of honoring the beauty, wisdom and

sacredness of how interconnected the ecosystem is. Man/Woman is only one species on

this planet. Human beings are part of nature.

Chapter 3 Urban Decay/Silhouette

I see beauty in decay. When something is old and cracked and chipped and full of rough

texture and contrasting colors I feel inspired to shoot a photo of it. I see this as a metaphor

for how important the birth and death cycles are. When something dies, something new is

born. I see the aliveness in decay. Nothing lasts forever. Everything on this planet is

changing at every moment. Transformation is continuously happening. I love the simple

shapes created by Silhouette I see when the lighting allows it to occur. When three

dimensional reality is flattened into Silhouette you get to enjoy the simplicity of dark and light

shapes contrasting with each other.

Chapter 4 Self Portrait/Self Portal

I call my self portraits “self portals” because I am forever searching for my true self. I am

fascinated by the many facets of people’s personalities and like to use myself as a canvas to

explore and express this. I see each photo I take of myself as a window or portal into part of

my soul. I am intrigued by how different I look and feel in each image. The core essence of

me is always present and yet I change and transform depending on my inner and outer

awareness and relationship. I am a rather introspective person and yet I have a strong urge

to share with others what is inside me though my self portrait photographs.

Chapter 5 Nude and Natural

I see my work as a figure model modeling nude for artists as a way of celebrating human

beings as part of nature. Nude and natural is a form of expressing oneself in a relaxed way

that is in harmony with plants, animals, ecosystem. I find it refreshing and relaxing to be nude

and natural outdoors. I am also very grateful to be part of the art education system as an art

model for people drawing, painting, sculpting the figure.

For more information on the art of Shannon Kringen

visit and

or write:

Shannon Kringen

P O BOX 20355

Seattle, WA 98102




so cool i just spoke this into my phone then copied and pasted here to save time in typing! fun to dictate into my phone! could start writing a book this way!

Self Healing Free write May 28, 2016 by Shannon Kringen

up the self-care to the max
catching myself
clear present danger
self harm urge linger
got my own scorpion stinger
time to turn off the ringer
time to time
clean and clear.
Freshen up surroundings
please trust your inner wise mind
back in sync
calm down
with magnesium and ashwagandha
cardio exercise walks in nature
walk zoo roaming
for soaking in textures tastes smells
plants and animals.
Self-care focus
not hocus-pocus
but essential to my survival
and yours too.
don’t let the Catch-22 get you blue
through and through
clean out the
polluted and uprooted
weed this garden
pardon yourself
from the shame
tame the shame
please make your life easier
no need to please her
that inner perfectionist Virgo monster.
Center focus balance
keep on
this healing horse
monkey lady.
Fading in
fading out
back in the saddle again
straddling endings and beginnings
Slow down
take care
key to life
self nurturing.
Branching out
building bridges
building trust
soothing in forgiveness
walking talking
not blocking
or stalking.
Chop stocks off asparagus
trust the thrust
veggies abundant
here now
dropped past.
open porthole waits
lifting weights
here now
and now
refreshed. The end of the free write by Shannon Kringen


this self portrait that i mirrored and painted onto in photo shop published here: Creative Photographer Shannon Kringen


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