Very grateful for the new connections that I’m making with people both professionally and personally

Been having interesting dreams lately… mostly involving shoes and music.. the shoe ones are too hard to explain but they involve being in a warehouse and talking to somebody about how they make shoes and then there was something about a houseboat and there was something about getting to hang out with Mike Campbell the guitar player from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and then I got to hang out with Tom Petty’s youngest daughter and talk to her about the way Tom pronounced words and some of his humorous lyrics and rhymes and what was beautiful about these dreams was that I shared my own personal insights and the other characters in the dream were validating my point of view because a lot of dreams I have there’s a bunch of conflict and obstacles and there’s like mops and wires everywhere that I keep tripping over and like staircases and elevators where I get lost and big warehouses with sideways elevators more like escalators but the most recent dreams I’ve had there’s been less conflict and more validation because one of my goals right now in life as a 53-year-old is to really learn to love and honour respect and value myself and make peace with myself and change my brain patterns into thoughts that are more helpful instead of reinforcing all these conflicts that I have within myself…. And I’m happy to share that i’ve been on a waiting list for quite a while for something and i have a meeting with somebody in a couple days where i get to answer lots of questions about how my mind works …i don’t want to say the details. Maybe I’ll share after the experience….

I think certain aspects of reality are flexible and things do change in response to our attitude about things… to some extent… the laws of physics are flexible… if you ask a Quantum physicist they will tell you this… they’re still trying to figure stuff out… actually and yet people want to be reassured that we know for sure what is true and what is false… but reality is more complicated than that.

Continuously adding more to my art car so here it is as of today. #goddesskring #seattleartcarblowout #rhinestones #shannonkringen #artcar

goddess KRING art car by me

Feed your brain carefully. Humans are easily trained and conditioned. Feeling awake to what people conform to and seeing I need to find new options. #goddesskring #mattiasdesmet question authority from all directions beyond the duality.

want free speech to be kept ALIVE. we need differing ideas to be allowed otherwise we have repressive fascism

It’s the oldest trick in the book to accuse certain people of being a certain way. When really you’re the one who’s that way. hypocrisy is totally disgusting creepy, weird stuff. The abuse of power these days is so obvious and out in the open. Yuck! Yuck, yuck. Would you like fries with your wham bam? Thank you mam!!?

I was in a really bummed out mood and something fun just happened… I just came back from the clothing optional beach where I went to go relax and on the way home I passed by the other lady that has a rhinestone car. she calls it “Princess Sparkle Pony” she has the coolest car. her and I are the two main rhinestone cars in the Art car community in Seattle!

Not really sure where I belong but I do my artwork I take care of animals I take care of house plants maybe that’s it I don’t know.

Blue and red makes purple. it’s all just a bunch of purple purple drama drama drama.

Tom Petty was ahead of his time … There goes the last DJ who plays what he wants to play, says what he wants to say Hey hey hey there goes your freedom of choice. There goes the last human voice ….

Still adjusting to not having a cat. it’s so weird I keep looking for him… I guess it’ll take a while and I still feel disoriented after coming back from being away for a week taking care of two big dogs. grateful that tomorrow I get to start walking these two little dogs again that I usually walk every week on certain days. the little dogs are going to seem so tiny compared to the big dogs that I just took care of for an entire week!

to see my life in photos and videos:

40 minutes i filmed yesterday: Up Up Up inc Circus Crane Show Seattle 2022

Fresh Paint

Come See Shannon Nicole Kringen (Goddess KRING) art car “Opal Moonstone” along with all these other creative things!

Fresh Paint

Festival of Artists at Work

August 20 | 10am – 5pm

August 21 | 10am – 4pm

Purchase art fresh off the easel during Schack Art Center’s biggest summer arts festival. This year we’re bringing the action to Downtown Everett and featuring over 100 booths, live entertainment, interactive art activities, glassblowing, and more.


happy and sad both shannon nicole kringen

Some sad things are happening in my life that I don’t want to talk about it I’ll share later maybe but something happy happened today somebody saw my art car and then he recognized me as Goddess KRING from public access TV and he said he used to watch me when he was a kid a long time ago…. And then these two ladies waved at me when I was driving my art car around and they bowed up and down as if they were worshiping my car which was funny and then they smiled and waved and laughed and gave me thumbs up and that was really sweet! And then some construction workers waved at me and smiled when they saw my car drive by. So it is really fun to put a smile on people’s face when I drive my rhinestone sparkly car all over the place that’s something happy to counteract some of the sad things I’m going through right now.

Someone asked for an artist statement bio for a project I’m working on so this is what I came up with-. Shannon Nicole Kringen “Goddess KRING” is an improvisational artist- working in many different mediums… mostly in visual art. She’s done video performance art body painting shoe painting photography mosaic style art car decorating spoken word with improv keyboard to accompany her voice, radio podcast monologues and public access TV shows… and a little bit of acting. she grew up in San Diego California and whidbey island Washington and was raised by very creative parents. She’s a very intuitive self taught artist for the most part but does have training in design, music and acting. She loves the freedom of visual and performing arts and expressing herself in any different way that she feels called to do.

focus on building up what you love to counteract all the toxic junk happening in the world

Whether you’re into the mainstream or the alternative way of seeing things I think it’s important right now to focus on what you want to create instead of dwelling on all of the problems and the corruption and the whatever you think is terrible happening in the world and people arguing about what is true and what is false about every little thing happening in the world and all the big things happening in the world all the more reason to empower yourself and create what you love in the world and do what you love and spread that around to help counteract all of the horrible things that are being done and created etc

Seattle Friends: Lake City Summer Festival & Parade. Saturday August 6th 7pm. the parade my art car will be in Parade starts on Lake City Way at 135th, heads south, then west on 125th. Grandstand is on 125th at 28th Ave NE.

sample my voice keyboard play Goddess KRING