Goddess KRING videos available to rent at Scarecrow Video Seattle!

creative writing today then dropping off blank DVD’s for the person helping me digitize my Goddess KRING shows and make available for fans to buy and watch online- also giving the film makers of Channeling Yourself some of my more interesting shows to edit into the mix of their movie….meeting them at Scarecrow Video

i am SO GRATEFUL to the man who is helping me digitize my Goddess KRING videos! i had a huge mental block to doing this and it’s making me realize my work is valuable having others work with me on this project! Scarecrow Video has Goddess KRING DVD videos to rent for anyone in ‪#‎Seattle‬ interested! they are FREE i believe? will find out today!

see my Goddess KRING online videos here:

here is short documentary film about “Goddess KRING” called “Typecast Dragon”

Scarecrow Video Seattle

Here’s the podcast of the Dori Monson Kiro Radio mentioning Goddess KRING is other shows from Public Access tv.

It starts at 5:48 I am thrilled to be mentioned as an interesting person who did a show.


Open Letter to Dori Monson from Goddess KRING

Hi Dori Monson, I am happy you spoke about public access tv today on your podcast! We have a film coming out called “Channeling Yourself” about public access tv and I am one of the people they interviewed. If you want to interview me as “Goddess KRING” on the air I’m an interesting guest! I recently lost 45 pounds going gluten and wheat and grain free and have modeled for artists for 23 years now in Seattle. I have an extensive body of work in video, music, photography and love to talk and people say they love the sound of my voice! I will answer any kind of questions you have! I love to communicate and have a wide open mind about many topics. Here is a video monologue and video of visual art and music that I made recently. I was naked emotionally and mentally along with being nude with my body in my public access days! I was on the air for 15 years from 1996-2011 and am now archiving all the shows for fans. This show is fully clothed for You Tube audiences “aRt, Identity and the Sacred” https://youtu.be/z4YhOTqQEM4 Thanks again! I bet if you had me on the show a lot of people would tune in!
~Shannon Kringen AKA Goddess KRING


someone just told me Dori Monson was just talking about my
“Goddess KRING” show on KIRO Radio 97.3. He was talking about Public Access shows and talk specifically about my show! yeah! i wanna hear it! i should write him a thank you note!
not sure if it was negative/positive or neutral but i don’t care just SHARE ABOUT IT works for me. i just tweeted him thanks and also wrote on his webpage a message.

i guess my dream is for more to realize i am a genuine real artist with artistic value and merit and not “just the naked lady” from tv!

but i am happy that people know me from my Goddess KRING performance art and nude modeling etc. i am a good shoe painter and photographer and art model. i have written some very interesting spoken word and i love to create and share with an audience and i love to inspire and encourage others to express themselves freely and follow their dreams and be authentic.

i know the more i love and honor my own self and value the more others will reflect this back to me!

Art Resume
Shannon Kringen


Shannon Kringen Photos:

Shanon Kringen Music:

Shannon Kringen Spoken Word/Poetry:

Intuitive Natural Artist Shannon Nicole Kringen

Art Model Shannon Kringen

KringWEAR Hand Painted Shoes
by Shannon Kringen

Shannon Kringen Abstract Designs:

Twitter Goddess KRING

Shannon Kringen LinkedIN

aRt, Identity and the Sacred
Shannon Kringen’s 140 page book of multi media aRt.

Shannon Kringen YouTube Videos:

Shannon Kringen Vimeo Videos:

Shannon Kringen Art Facebook

Weird Washington Page on Goddess KRING Hero:

Short Doc. film On Goddess KRING
Typecast Dragon http://www.thelastquest.org/documentary/typecast-dragon

TUmblr Shannon Kringen

Shannon Kringen Livejournal

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Art by Shannon Kringen on Redbubble:

Artist Shannon Kringen on Fine Art America

i am always open to gifts and donations:

Shannon Kringen
PO BOX 20355
Seattle, Wa 98102

I have google wallet and pay pal. just ask.


THIS IMAGE by Shannon Kringen published here:
Goddesses, Politics And Porn: When Public Access TV Ruled Seattle
By Ross Reynolds


Goddess KRING interviewed about Reverend Bruce Howard Public access tv

had a good time being interviewed by TJ Nordaker for a doc film about another public access show called Reverend Bruce Howard i’m happy to be part of this. will share more about the movie when i know more!
smile emoticon
here we are after the interview. thanks TJ.


oh my! i just uploaded an old CLASSIC Goddess KRING show from 15 years ago! in 2000 i recorded this monologue:

<lj-embed id=”711″>

Classic Goddess KRING from 2000!  15 years ago monologue!

more videos here:


Art Model Shannon Kringen in the Torch Light Parade Seattle 2015

Shannon Kringen/Goddess KRING in the Torch Light Parade in #Seattle! for Gage Academy of Art on the float posed as “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt bringing it to life! http://www.seafair.com/p/about/seafair-torchlight-night/249

Gage Academy of Art – Seattle, WA http://www.gageacademy.org/

Art Model Shannon Kringen


collage of drawings and paintings of ‪#‎Seattle‬ Art Model Shannon Kringen
modeling for artists since 1992 http://www.shannonkringen.com/figuremodel.htm


Grieg Walking Bear and me Shannon Kringen “Goddess KRING” will be in the Torch Light Parade coming up this Saturday night in ‪#‎Seattle‬! for Gage Academy of Art we will be on the float posed as “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt bringing it to life! http://www.seafair.com/p/about/seafair-torchlight-night/249

Art Model Shannon Kringen
modeling for artists since 1992


“Inceptionist Painting” from Dreamscope! wow.

https://dreamscopeapp.com/i/7zetk0J_Qv# try your own here https://dreamscopeapp.com/<img src=”http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/shannonkringen/2214/246559/246559_600.jpg&#8221; alt=”” title=””>
“Inceptionist Painting”  of Goddess KRING from Dreamscope!

Original Image Selfie By Shannon Kringen
<img src=”http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/shannonkringen/2214/246835/246835_600.jpg&#8221; alt=”” title=””>

Intuitive Natural Artist Shannon Nicole Kringen


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