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aRt car and rainy days!

Really wanted to decorate my car today but it’s too rainy so I did a little nail polish embellishment and glued on two rhinestones and then I had to stop cuz of the wetness but I know there’s a few more sunny days before the aRt car show this Saturday June 19th – so I’ll just do as much as I can on my car before the show and then whatever it looks like it’ll just be in the show and then next year if they have it again I will have it really decorated up because this is a long process decorating my car! Saturday June 19th 2021, come see many aRt cars with mine! U-Park Lot #75, at 3501 Phinney Ave N from Noon – 5pm come see it! take photos etc. #seattleartcars #seattleartcarblowout find out more go to: fremont fair dot com

see more of my aRt car here:

Design idea for my rhinestone car- I think I will put a giant rhinestone in the center of the top of my car and then do like a swirling spiral pattern coming out from the center with different colors in a special way

one lady at the car dealership where they installed my license plate today loves my car and wants to see the aRt cars with mine in fremont June 19th! so i told her all about it! she had no idea there was such an event! yeah for spreading around inspiration! seattle friends: looks like saturday june 19th my car will be on display with all the other aRt cars U-Park Lot #75, at 3501 Phinney Ave N from Noon – 4pm come see it! take photos etc. #seattleartcars#seattleartcarblowout find out more go to: fremont fair dot com

more of my aRt car here:

black flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have you seen a black petunia flower before? this is so cool! https://www.flickr.com/photos/shannonkringen/ on the black petunia flowers: “Black flowers are actually deep shades of red or purple, in the case of the Black Velvet petunia. Dark hues are created by crossing varieties with high levels of anthocyanins-the pigments that reveal as red, purple, and blue. Flower breeder Jianping Ren spent four years developing the black petunia.”

more of my photos here:

I want liberation for people policing each other and virtue signaling and cancel culturing each other. there are people who shame each other for living a certain way… I’m not turning a blind eye to all the BS happening in the world by trying to focus on love and creativity and freedom and improvisation. I quite honestly don’t feel comfortable trying to fight against the bad system which I will not elaborate on because if I say what I really think I will be censored so I will just say my thoughts are private and secret and I will focus on doing my art and walking in the forest and taking good care of my cat and my family and my friends. I don’t have control over what large corporations do that I don’t agree with and I’m not really sure how I can fight them anyway. I think some people are good at fighting against corruption and some people when they fight they only intensify the drama of us verses them. . and it gets worse… so when I live my life the way I live my life it doesn’t mean that I don’t care about all the bad things happening in the world. I just don’t feel like there’s anything I can directly do to solve it so I focus on what I can do to make the world a better place in my own local community and with my family and my friends and with my relationship to myself. some people think it’s selfish to take good care of yourself but the world is not served by me suffering and having a bad relationship with myself. So other people should do whatever works for them but this is what works for me.

two of my favorite artists: Yayoi Kusama from Japan and Hundertwasser from Austria

thank you Vera Sharav warning us of the patterns of history that do repeat.

i am inspired by survivors of things in history where freedoms were taken away. no matter what the external atmosphere is we can use our minds and imagination to survive as much as possible when we have no control over the powers that be bossing us around etc. find joy in beauty anywhere you can and build on that despite whatever awful things are happening. try and fix the issues if you can, and if not, let go and find beauty anywhere you can.

listening to Investigative journalists i admire.

just got hired to make a one hour video of me art model posing for one school in form fitting clothing so also adding it to my patreon for people to draw or paint from. ask if you are interested in drawing me from a video thanks. new video Art Model Shannon Kringen 05 24 21- poses. 4 five minute poses, 2 ten minute poses, 1 twenty minute poses for artists to draw and paint from. thanks. https://www.patreon.com/goddesskring

follow your heart. keep doing what you love. that is my advice to myself- love hearing the birds out my window and smelling the plants. love art music nature etc. time outside in the forest. connected to the natural world- the ecosystem. https://www.instagram.com/goddesskring/

Creative Photographer and Nature Lover.

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