I’m gonna model online in zoom Wednesday May 20 and Friday May 22 7-9pm $10 fee. You are invited to a Shannon Kringen Figure Art Session on Zoom.

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Build up what you want instead of fighting what you fear

self portrait by Shannon Kringen. more images by me here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/shannonkringen/

thank you teal swan! i agree on building up what we want instead of fighting against what we fear

On building up what you want instead of fighting against what you fear. I want to keep my health and financial security. Everyday I build on this. What do you want in your life? Link to a great teal swan video i love here: https://youtu.be/KBLJ5CF8URs

i made this video about the same topic in my own way:
Shannon Kringen monologue on building up what you want instead of fighting against what you fear

this is the teal swan video that inspired me:
What Is Your Motivation For Decisions? by Teal Swan

going to now make a youtube video on this same topic!

new radio show i recorded today! April 30, 2020
“GoddessKRING monologue on free speech and propaganda”
Shannon Kringen’s monologue on the current medical and financial crisis we are in recorded on April, 30, 2020 i talk about propaganda, gaslighting, social well being, my concern for keeping democracy and free speech and the challenges of being alive in right now with the current circumstances. we need to focus on being awake, alert and healthy on all levels. mental emotional physical and financial.

You can draw me online Monday May 4th 7-9pm Seattle USA time just ask me for details! playing around with my self timer pretending to art model for an audience that is not here yet! Art Model Shannon Kringen http://www.shannonkringen.com/figuremodel.htm #artmodel #shannonkringen #goddesskring

Photo of Shannon Kringen by Ian Phares

Monologue on Free speech and non duality – not into polarisation- beyond the us verses them is smarter- the wisdom of non conformity- improvisation in life based on common sense and intuition – keep free speech alive- be a trailblazer https://anchor.fm/shannon-kringen/episodes/Free-speech-and-non-duality-ecuqji

Virtual art modeling: Here’s an idea for us art models and those who love to draw and paint us:

One art school hired me to pose for the Instructor on video she’ll do a demo- and she’ll take still photos of me posing in a body suit and the the students will draw and paint me from home after she uploads them online and I’m signing a model release – great idea she had and I’m grateful to be part of it – so just letting you know I’m open to this kind of virtual modeling for students! How many other art models are open to this?

another idea is for models to submit their own photos with a model release form and permission for these images to be used by students to draw from at home with the models being compensated for their photos being helpful for students to make their art work

Something magic happened I was stuck in the fancy building Where I just Art Modeled and the security guard had to help me get out and then he recognised me from my TV show and he said great show! he didn’t see me it was just on the speaker and I couldn’t get my free parking validation card to work in the machine and he had me spell my first and last name and then said “spell your last name again”? and then I was like “Kringen” and he’s like oh my god great show! Totally cheered me up made me feel a sense of purpose on this planet – I create some unique things