so cool i just spoke this into my phone then copied and pasted here to save time in typing! fun to dictate into my phone! could start writing a book this way!

Self Healing Free write May 28, 2016 by Shannon Kringen

up the self-care to the max
catching myself
clear present danger
self harm urge linger
got my own scorpion stinger
time to turn off the ringer
time to time
clean and clear.
Freshen up surroundings
please trust your inner wise mind
back in sync
calm down
with magnesium and ashwagandha
cardio exercise walks in nature
walk zoo roaming
for soaking in textures tastes smells
plants and animals.
Self-care focus
not hocus-pocus
but essential to my survival
and yours too.
don’t let the Catch-22 get you blue
through and through
clean out the
polluted and uprooted
weed this garden
pardon yourself
from the shame
tame the shame
please make your life easier
no need to please her
that inner perfectionist Virgo monster.
Center focus balance
keep on
this healing horse
monkey lady.
Fading in
fading out
back in the saddle again
straddling endings and beginnings
Slow down
take care
key to life
self nurturing.
Branching out
building bridges
building trust
soothing in forgiveness
walking talking
not blocking
or stalking.
Chop stocks off asparagus
trust the thrust
veggies abundant
here now
dropped past.
open porthole waits
lifting weights
here now
and now
refreshed. The end of the free write by Shannon Kringen


this self portrait that i mirrored and painted onto in photo shop published here: Creative Photographer Shannon Kringen

bodypride15_wbodypridecloseTo Seattle Photographer Friends:
I”m a photographer and a bike rider/bodypainter that rides in the Body Pride each year. please join our group here and add photos if you take them at the parade this year! Thanks, Shannon Kringen
Body Pride Seattle 2016



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selfie from today’s walk into the  capitol hill vortex

wow these are so cool! i did not see how interesting the reflections were until i expanded it on the computer screen!

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Creative Photographer
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saw the new Michael Moore movie yesterday “where to invade next” basically about him
traveling to more socialized countries with progressive taxes and good built into taxes, no extra medical bills healthcare for all citizens and more paid time off, money for vacations, amazing healthy food for lunch at schools for kids in france (public schools not fancy schools-) higher wages, friendly ceo’s and unions for workers to get their rights met, the education system in finland is amazing with shorter days for kids and many speak multiple languages, no standardized tests, happier kids, more art and music as part of the normal learning. in finland students are encouraged to be happy, play, balance their school work with time with family and friends. brought me to tears many times.

it’s about the idea of the USA borrowing and bringing back good ideas from other countries with healthier societies and happier people and better economic spending that is more fair to the citizens.

Michael Moore: “Where to Invade Next” | Talks at Google


Goddess KRING’s take on Bernie Sanders Rally Seattle Safeco Field March 25th, 2016

Empathy for the Predator.
sympathy for the deviator.
compassion for the vampire.
i’m on fire sire
higher higher
hire me
spread thin
social media
meat eating
asaparagus cleanse
ending neurotic
never phsychotic
anchoring voice
aware inner head
putting down
time to praise up
you’re not shy
you’re solitary
in doses
mega doses
being with the masses
clashes with the need
for waterseed
freed and breeded for this life
road less travelled
condensed expansion
expanded confession
price check it!
price check it!
price check it!
chicks and checkerboards
sticks and liquor boards
empathy for social media
sympathy for i’ll be seein ya
not in person….but online!
internets isolate
internets connect
web always moving
many grooves
sometimes you need soothing cooing
away from the screens
in between
shades of green
the less you try
the easier it gets
unity in diversity
universally seals the deal
we are all well hung
fertile eyes
it’s done.

more poetry/spoken word by shannon kringen here:



i just emailed my scanned signed copy of surrogate affidavit form for Shannon Kringen for Bernie Sanders to and!


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