Goddess KRING video clip part of this “Alien She” show touring Portland Oregon Sept. 3, 2015 – Jan. 9, 2016

another fun thing i am part of: Portland friends “Goddess KRING” video clip is part of this show called “Alien She” opening in Portland: Sept. 3, 2015 – Jan. 9, 2016
Pacific Northwest College of Art : 511 Gallery & Museum of Contemporary Craft in conjunction with PICA’s Time-Based Art Festival, Portland, OR

Alien She Curated by: Astria Suparak and Ceci Moss
Museum of Contemporary Craft
724 NW Davis Street
Portland, Oregon 97209
tel. 503 223 2654


yesterday my friend took these. i feel dorky in clothes when i model! funny! i feel like i should be more “perfect” in clothing and yet when nude i feel more “here i am good enough!”

modeling seems to be a form of therapy for me! i see it now. it was a practical choice to make money with modeling but it’s also a way that i try and have a stronger sense of self and to feel more connected to others and useful to the community…build a higher self esteem and learn about who i am and how i effect others and how they effect me.

will try again with a better outfit to get good full body shots! black tank top, dark pants or mini skirt and tights and dark heels. create a good shape from head to toe and try and relax my face and emote beauty into the lens!

Art Model Shannon Kringen


Naturism/Nudism/Figure Modeling by Goddess KRING

i have been commissioned= going to make a special video answering these questions while nude on camera:
1) What is your general attitude towards naturism and the human body? 2) What do you feel are the positive aspects of naturism. 3) What is the difference between being a naturist and a “nudist”? 4) When in your life did you know you were a naturist? 5) What do you like most about the male body? 6) How does one separate naturism from sexuality? 7) Where is the most unusual or daring place you have been nude? Is there someplace you have never been nude that you would like to? 😎 Why do you think the USA is more uptight about the human body and sexuality than say Europe? 9) Physically what do you think is your best feature. *and i will then add my own improv words to this talk about being a figure model etc.

here is a written interview i did in 2004 on Naturism.

Watch Goddess KRING videos here:


got an interesting reflection effect in this old window.

more Shannon Kringen Goddess KRING selfies:

Creative Photographer Shannon Kringen


Shannon Kringen, Goddess Kring (video still), 1996
13:38 minutes
From: Selected videos from Joanie 4 Jackie, curated by Vanessa Haroutunian for Alien She, Single-channel video with sound, 114 minutes, Courtesy of the artists and Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson


Who is Goddess KRING?

i made this page called “Goddess KRING” as a start but now i feel blocked about how to explain the whole persona i created?


Full Length Documentary Coming out about Seattle Public Access: “Channeling Yourself” 2016

***please spread the word/kring: Full Length Documentary Coming out about Seattle Public Access: “Channeling Yourself” 2016 Starring Goddess KRING and many more:

additional info and donate to support it being edited:

Video Promo Here:

“Channeling Yourself” featuring Goddess KRING and many more interesting people is here too on youtube!


Goddess KRING in the sky photographed by Karen Ulvestad

Photographer Karen Ulvestad

Art Model Goddess KRING


love this! i am wearing heels i painted too!

i love sillouette shots! i wanna do more full body shot modeling since most of the images i shoot of myself are portraits of my face close up it’s nice to work with other talented photographers on full body shots and let go of being a photographer and just be the model! it’s a relief!

Goddess KRING photographed by  Karen Ulvestad

Modeled today for Karen Ulvestad

Art Model Goddess KRING


photo of Shannon Kringen by Carolyn Hall

has everyone seen this video? promo for the upcoming movie i am part of called “channeling yourself”

Goddess KRING in full length doc called “Channeling Yourself” released in 2016

more info:

more Goddess KRING videos:


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