Not to brag but hope to inspire anyone else who wants to do any form of self care they choose- this is not about cosmetic beauty but health and me feeling good- Previous weight loss has not been like this. My belly fat did not burn off like it is now! My body composition is truly changing in a way I’ve never seen before. I must be burning off internal visceral fat near my organs or something in addition to sub q fat just below my skin…My belly fat and waist is changing so much! Eating low carb, more healthy fats and daily fasting 16:8. Been doing this almost 9 months. And I feel mentally better and am enjoying eating everyday… foods that I love. I don’t feel deprived at all! Have never burned off fat in a way that feels good ever before !


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time restricted eating! i feel great.

i cannot stress enough how much better i feel mentally and physically eating in a time restricted window (usually 6-8hours a day i eat- as much as i want- not restricting or counting calories) then i just drink black coffee/water/electrolytes/fresh lemon juice in my water when i feel like it- and i am eating whole natural foods and avoiding sugar and processed foods- but i have ice cream sometimes and enjoy it. my moods are more stable and i can handle stressful situations better than before. i still have issues but can handle them better and feel more like i did as a kid= excited about life etc. the theory with time restricted eating is it gives your digestion a rest so your body can repair itself- kind of like extending the time of rest- sleep is when your body normally repairs itself but when you expand this rest into some of your waking hours your body has more time to repair itself- literally increases your growth hormone- makes you age more slowly literally. i can feel it. my nervous system feels more calm eating this way. i eat certain foods and avoid other foods but i think any kind of eating is helped by time restricted hours of eating. our organs have to work hard- when digesting food and if you snack all day long your pancreas/liver/kidneys never really get a rest until you sleep at night. i wait until i am truly hungry before i start eating each day- food tastes amazing this way- and digests better…just wanted to share. been eating this way since july 5th 2018. think i will stick with it forever if i keep feeling good! getting lean too and my muscles feel very strong- i walk or ride my bike everyday for exercise!

Capitalism Doesn’t Make Us Rich, and Socialism Doesn’t Make Us Poor — Socialism Makes Us Rich, and Capitalism Makes Us Poor.

i agree with this article (especially because i have visited various European countries so many times and saw first hand- stayed with friends and asked them about the higher standard of living because of democratic socialism type policies- wages, healthcare, mass transit, tuition prices etc.

#democraticsocialism #captialism
#socialism #ethics

a swirl of: capitalism and socialism and democracy beyond duality

EXTREME capitalism is not good. nor is EXTREME socialism. we need both in my opinion. a balance of both. social services well funded and the freedom for business to make profits BUT only when you provide your citizens with national healthcare, good education and mass transit and public services that everyone helps pay for. and corporations are not allowed to hoard money and avoid paying their fair share of taxes. the kind of democratic socialism that i believe in is ethical and fair to all citizens and is about cooperation between people of all income levels. no system is “perfect” but the kind of capitalism we have in the USA is very corrupt at this point and needs to be turned into something more ETHICAL. (i wrote a poem about this topic. shared in comments: “decrease the corporation
increase cooperation”)
i wrote a poem about this topic: decrease the corporation
increase cooperation
by shannon kringen

incast the outcast
outcast the incast
incast the outcast
outcast the incast
decrease the corporation
increase cooperation
decrease the corporation
increase cooperation
thrive on deadlines
alive in headlines
thrive on deadlines
alive in headlines
authentic ejaculation of my soul
molten orange liquid glow
anger takes its toll
authentic ejaculation of my soul
molten orange liquid glow
anger takes its toll
fragile sense of self
intangible desire for wealth
unwrap the mummy
clap away the trap
inconoclast landed here
dear art and fear
incast the outcast
blasting puritanical canister
common ground
astounded in the round
center well
do tell
out of shell
no longer a martyr
letting ampersands free
to a degree
free to be
you and me
not necessarily joining
making peace with it
uncover whats within
releasing chemical
hard wired competition
a new kind of nutritional
intuition coming to fruition
thrive on deadlines
alive in headlines
raw energy source
divorced of course hoarse voices
cutting down
looked the self in mirror
said good bye
critics kindling for fire
hiring desire
walking the high wire
longing to ring
bringing in singing
leaving us in
win win
unusual love affair
twirling hair
carry up the stair
dare to stare down fear
getting clear
resisting wistful
curving straight
unravel in travel
features creatures
with outreaching heart
authentic ejaculation of my soul
molten orange liquid glow
anger takes its toll
incast the outcast
outcast the incast
incast the outcast
outcast the incast
decrease the corporation
increase cooperation
decrease the corporation
increase cooperation
thrive on deadlines
alive in headlines
thrive on deadlines
alive in headlines

new “goddess kring radio” show today 3-4pm hollow earth radio!

today a monologue and some music i created.

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paradox and us verses them

the paradox seems to be that you can only be connected and united with others when you are self contained as an individual unique living creature. the more we think everyone should be like us the more separate we become. the unity is in the diversity as they say. beyond the duality of “us” and “them” etc. between species and in human society- i include plants also.

why i believe in democratic socialism mixed with capitalism

people who call themselves “Christian” who are conservative make no sense to me. speaking of Jesus Christ, democratic socialism is Christian and Unregulated Capitalism is not. i am not religious but i do believe in ethics and helping those less fortunate/love thy neighbor, and cooperation and treat others how you want to be treated etc. basic common sense and good hearted principles & wisdom. work hard AND get well paid for it, and pay taxes that help society as whole not just the wealthy. democratic socialism mixed in with capitalism keeps it more ethical and makes society more functional and healthy as a whole. i have friends in Europe i have visited and i admire their healthcare system which is part of democratic socialism and beautiful well funded train stations, more holiday time and social benefits. a less stressful life overall. not Eutopia but not as cut throat competitive as surviving in the USA. (AND NO ONE GOES BANKRUPT FROM MEDICAL BILLS) in a democratic socialism culture corporations are not allowed to pay entry level workers $7.50 an hour while their CEO makes way too much- the wages climb a staircase- in the USA there is EXTREME poverty and EXTREME wealth and not much in between anymore. this is not healthy. there is fear and resentment between rich and poor- when wages are more fair and everyone pays their fair share in taxes and healthcare is for everyone and mass transit and social services are well funded there is less anger and stress between people from different income levels etc.