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Decorated my 2021 planner ….instead of ordering a fancy one printed for me with my artwork on it I found a blank planner at a discount store for a $1.49 and then just took artwork that I already had printed and cut it up and pasted it on the cover and the back! this is what I used to do years ago before I started ordering the expensive fancy ones

Goddess KRING radio, thanksgiving AND honest thoughts on lack of ethics 11-26-20

Did you know that in the early 1900s after a man had a heart attack they thought that he should do bed rest for 6 weeks and now we know that that’s exactly wrong and actually harms people and they need actually to be active carefully after a heart attack to keep the circulation going healthy and normal so science and medicine changes ideas we learn as we go

i am a divine sovereign being and nothing and no one has any power or dominion over me. i allow the infinite possibilities for infinite blessings and flow into my life.

stay human and close to nature. we are part of the ecosystem! Listening to a podcast on natural light and circadian rhythms of the body. good smart wise info pretty intuitive Info that’s it’s helpful to get outside rain or shine daily for air light and even challenge yourself with hot and cold temps – totally not natural to be in temp controlled environments 24/7. I have plant grow lights and open my windows even in winter and I go outside every day in nature and dont use fake lights unless I have to

I’m gonna model online in zoom Wednesday May 20 and Friday May 22 7-9pm $10 fee. You are invited to a Shannon Kringen Figure Art Session on Zoom.

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Build up what you want instead of fighting what you fear

self portrait by Shannon Kringen. more images by me here:

thank you teal swan! i agree on building up what we want instead of fighting against what we fear

On building up what you want instead of fighting against what you fear. I want to keep my health and financial security. Everyday I build on this. What do you want in your life? Link to a great teal swan video i love here:

i made this video about the same topic in my own way:
Shannon Kringen monologue on building up what you want instead of fighting against what you fear

this is the teal swan video that inspired me:
What Is Your Motivation For Decisions? by Teal Swan

going to now make a youtube video on this same topic!

new radio show i recorded today! April 30, 2020
“GoddessKRING monologue on free speech and propaganda”
Shannon Kringen’s monologue on the current medical and financial crisis we are in recorded on April, 30, 2020 i talk about propaganda, gaslighting, social well being, my concern for keeping democracy and free speech and the challenges of being alive in right now with the current circumstances. we need to focus on being awake, alert and healthy on all levels. mental emotional physical and financial.