mappinginternallandstotebagpastel drawing of mine I call “mapping internal lands”   



and one more for good measure! i just ordered this bag for myself from an image i created called “kringamorphasis”



i ordered this one also! it’s a pastel drawing i did i call “mapping internal lands”

Thanks donors!

Mailed the first 8 prints to my go fund me donors!



Shannon Kringen part of this German book on aRt. thanks Sarah Sofia Granborg

I AM involved in this book project. English version soon maybe? here is the German one:

Wie man ein erfolgreicher Künstler wird: ein übersichtlicher Ratgeber, der Resultate bringt Kindle Edition
von Sarah Sofia Granborg (Autor), Shannon Kringen (Autor), & 1 mehr
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mobiledesignmobile phone case i made with my aRt


window reflection abstractions by shannon kringen

i just made this collage from photos i took of mylar bubbles in window reflections.  more of my aRt here:

Amanda Happening Goddess Kring Interviewtwome



recent shot i did with my new camera thanks to your support! i plan to next get a zoom lens for my DSLR an 18-270 pentax lens (unless someone has one used they want to gift me or sell me? ) i might also want to save/raise money for a waterproof camera similar to the one i had that was stolen (a canon D10) thanks for your support!🙂 i will send everyone who wants one a signed print! or take photos of you or your pets etc. if you live nearby if you want!🙂 i love to create with cameras. love, shannon

see my photo aRt here:
and here:



(My apartment was robbed on July 15th and my cameras stolen= so i set up this fundraiser to help me replace one or more cameras to make aRt)

so grateful and happy to have an SLR again. thanks for your donations everyone. i raised the total to $700 just in case others want to pitch in. i’d like to eventually get another waterproof camera like the one stolen (canon D10) and a pentax lens that is 18-270 similar to the lens i had on my canon DSLR that was stolen. i plan to use the $600 donated to me for a new or used Canon Powershot SX60HS. will look for the best deal- also getting $100 cash back from a credit card deal so that is helping cut the cost a little also. i will be sending EVERYONE who wants it a photo print i make and hand sign just for each of you! thanks again, love, shannon!

(if you prefer donating directly to me i have paypal and google wallet or you can send check/cash/money order to: Shannon Kringen PO BOX 20355 Seattle, WA 98102) THANKS! email me with any questions: kringgoddess at yahoo dot com



i took this photo of the lemurs with the canon powershot that was stolen. i am excited to get a new or used replacement camera soon so i can zoom this much! these creatures were very far away from me! see full size image here: and here is my go fund me if you want to donate to my camera fund! i also have paypal: kringgoddess at yahoo dot com and google wallet: shannonkringen at gmail dot com and you can send cash/check money order: Shannon Kringen
P O BOX 20355
Seattle, WA 98102

happy to share i am at $325 of $500 goal plus some other donations which brings it up to $365 so far. thanks!



donate to me here:
Help Goddess KRING get a camera!

Friday July 15th my apartment was broken into after someone stole my landlords keys and used them to rob my space. they took 5 cameras and one netbook laptop i had. (LIST OF ITEMS STOLEN FROM ME: Canon Powershot G12, Canon DSLR T3I with tamron zoom lens, Canon Powershot SX10IS, Canon Powershot Canon SX50 HS, Netbook Laptop Asus EEE PC Netbook (2007) . with batteries and memory cards.)

i don ‘t really need 5 cameras so my goal would be to just replace one for now. the camera i miss the most is my “Canon PowerShot SX50 HS” it did everything i need. video, still, macro close ups and super zooming up to 50X optical. it has the LCD flip screen i need for the best selfies and for doing video monologues.

so i would love to raise funds to get a “nearly new” Canon Powershot SX50HS. they seem to run about $400 something plus tax. i’d love to raise $500 to help me get an extra battery and some memory cards and the theives took all my memory cards and chargers along with my cameras. i lost around $3500.00 worth of equipment i had accumulated over the last 10 years and sadly i did not have renters insurance. thankfully my landlord is giving me credit on one month of rent to help me out since his insurance does not cover my property being stolen. i am very grateful for any support i can receive. if you prefer to just donate to me privately in another way email me and we can work something out! thanks. love, shannon
if you donate i can also send you a gift! a print of one of my photos i take with this new camera you helped me buy! i can sign and mail to you!

thanks, love, shannon “Goddess KRING”

(if you prefer donating directly to me i have paypal and google wallet or you can send check/cash/money order to: Shannon Kringen PO BOX 20355 Seattle, WA 98102) THANKS! email me with any questions: kringgoddess at yahoo dot com