creative writing and two bike rides coming up

was good to be at my creative writing group today! i had not been in a while…been modeling saturdays lately…and a week from today is the solstice parade that i will be riding in….wrote some new “random tangents” today…will share soon.

friends in seattle want to ride with us? i will be riding in this #seattle ride: “15th Annual Body Pride Ride June 30, 2019” 12:33 PM – Parade Staging Area on 4th Avenue

join us in #Seattle i will be one of the riders: The Fremont Solstice Cyclists will ride on Saturday, June 22, 2019!

Artist Shannon Nicole Kringen



today new episode of Goddess KRING radio 06-13-19

monologue and music on my show today!
beyond duality, healthcare, nutrition and more…checkerboard childhood etc.
3-4pm Pacific Standard time USA: streamed on Hollow Earth Radio dot org

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i know it sounds strange what I eat but I feel great and am burning off excess body fat and building muscle: broke my 16 hour fast- 1st meal of the day: wild salmon, goat yogurt, seaweed, pastured duck egg, grass fed beef liver, raw fermented sauerkraut, hazlenut and macadamia nut, spoonful of Valencia peanut butter, 100% dark chocolate unsweetened, cheese from Norway and Ireland, artesian water

i am so grateful i received an amazing letter of recommendation from one medical department faculty member i work with referring me to another department i am applying to work with as a patient model acting out roles and giving feedback to medical students to help them learn how to practice medicine.

my cat and i are both healing from eating real food! i feed my cat raw meat diet made for cats nutritionally balanced for all life stages. i never feed him “processed canned cat food” full of carbs and cheap fillers! he is mildly diabetic and i have avoided having to give him insulin injections and he is thriving thanks to his species appropriate carnivore diet.

my eating philosophy. eat real food they had in the 1800s before we invented all the processed junk in labs and the high carb boxed foods filled with processed vegetable oils and fake fats or lack of fat! like whole fat meat and pastured organic eggs and fermented grass fed dairy cheese whole fat and as natural as possible from pastured animals. sugar and carbs is killing people mentally and physically. many “chronic” diseases are really reactions to poor nutrition are some go away entirely from change in foods and time restricted eating helps the body repair itself when resting from digestion. many chronic conditions get better at least and less medications are needed to treat them when people eat a healthy diet. mainstream nutritional advice is so off kilter!

Good news! I did a great job doing the video with the medical training program today and the guy I work with will write me letter of recommendation for another department I’m applying to work as a model patient with! I’m proud of myself and excited and grateful to help students in this way!


feeling mentally more stable and much happier!!!! Having stable blood sugar helps the mood a lot!!! Feeling great getting leaner and stronger! Eating mostly low carb healthy fats, no sugar, no fake fake processed foods, fasting 16 hours a day. And eating in an 8 hour window – not restricting calories at all- not counting them- daily walk or bike ride…some weights at home- #carnivore #carnivorediet #carnivoreketo #carnivoretransformation #keto #lchf #figuremodel #shannonkringen #goddesskring #intermittentfasting #health #nutrition #realfood #justeatrealfood

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i agree with most of this advice on writing an interesting to the audience memoir…though not sure i can follow their “formula” as i don’t want to sensationalize my childhood and exaggerate how messed up it was and yet don’t want to downplay the challenges i have past and present- i consider my upbringing a “checkerboard” of dark and light so mine might not be as dramatic as popular ones! ha ha! i want to be authentic more than “popular”

my parents are amazing people in some ways and taught me some powerful wisdom and yet i was neglected in other ways and had boundary issues with each of them etc. lots of juicy material to draw from the last 50 years of me being alive! i don’t want to alienate or hurt anyone from my family or personal life who knows me and yet i want to be brave and honest in telling my story- and be inspiring to the reader.

i have already self published this visual aRt book:

recording my Goddess KRING radio show= so far, a monologue about nutrition and mental health and my “checkerboard” childhood of both neglect and love and ideas on how to write my memoir and make it interesting for the reader! and some music mixed in that i created… this show will air this thursday on hollow earth radio then i will archive on my patreon (free to listen) and my mixcloud.

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Goddess KRING radio
Airs on Hollow Earth radio then mixcloud archived: