Brittany Sage Hammond and Goddess KRING

nice to meet Brittany Sage Hammond in person for the first time! we have been online friends for a while! she interviewed me for her blog here:

5 things with goddess KRING

we made a little video tonight in #Seattle on Capitol Hill:


this weekend i will be modeling here:  27th Annual Best of the Northwest Art & Fine Craft Show, Act II
Hangar 30 at Magnuson Park, Seattle Saturday and Sunday:
November 14 &15  1-5pm as part of the Gage Academy of Art  Drawing Jam: in a flamboyant costume!    http://nwartalliance.org/events http://www.gageacademy.org/ http://www.shannonkringen.com/figuremodel.htm


#‎Seattle‬ Art Model Shannon Kringen http://www.shannonkringen.com/figuremodel.htm

Drawings and Paintings of me Modeling.


Sky Mirror by Shannon Kringen  http://www.shannonkringen.com

my artist friend Gwenn Seemel  http://www.gwennseemel.com   asked me and others this question:

What is your ultimate goal with your art?

“i feel when i make art and share it like i am amplifying my own quiet private ideas and concepts and giving them a voice in the world. i feel it’s the artist’s job to notice and create things others don’t see or know can even exist. we as artists share what would otherwise go unseen. for me, the sharing with an audience is just as burning a desire as making the work itself. i also feel this way when i model—a burning desire to connect and see the reflections of how i affect others and how they affect me. i am driven to heal, learn and grow.” ~Shannon Kringen.

read what others have to say as well here:


grateful and yet longing for more time for MY ART

really blessed and grateful and proud of myself for booking so many modeling gigs and being able to fully support myself all these years with it (since 1997) i have had no other job other than art and medical modeling and every once in a while focus groups that pay & selling hand painted shoes and getting hired to take photos and selling prints of my photos) but i will say i am sad that i don’t spend as much time on my own art…..i find it a balancing act modeling and then doing my own art….i sometimes am so into modeling that i use all my energy for that and then have little left over for my own art….

Shannon Kringen Photos:

Shanon Kringen Music:

Shannon Kringen Spoken Word/Poetry:

Intuitive Natural Artist Shannon Nicole Kringen

Art Model Shannon Kringen

KringWEAR Hand Painted Shoes
by Shannon Kringen

Shannon Kringen Abstract Designs:

Twitter Goddess KRING

Shannon Kringen LinkedIN

aRt, Identity and the Sacred
Shannon Kringen’s 140 page book of multi media aRt.

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Weird Washington Page on Goddess KRING Hero:

Short Doc. film On Goddess KRING
Typecast Dragon http://www.thelastquest.org/documentary/typecast-dragon

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i am always open to gifts and donations:

Shannon Kringen
PO BOX 20355
Seattle, Wa 98102

I have google wallet and pay pal. just ask.

awkward and goofie but letting it flow!

halloween free write by shannon kringen 10/31/15
grimy,limey, blimey, slimey.
costume in ruin or in tune with bloom?
at the gate weighing the stakes.
grasping dual carriageway/ coach on time.
gaps in/mind the step. laps in clapping traps.
i’ll be your queenie on halloweenie!
wearing a beanie.
dreaming BIG baby BIG.
digging figs.
not wearing no wig.
running down a dream/
gliding unseen
winters cream.
fish flakes a plenty
thanks to Uwajimaya.
aint lyin’.
sky changing every second.
asteroid comet zomming by.
braving rain leafed rainbow soaked streets.
doing slalum
with gollum
free fallin!
keesoon loving
jumping clones,
humping drones.
clove scones,
clover loaf.
romping weeds.
proceed indeed,
not killing any weeds.
in fact,
planting seeds,
allowing wild chaos growth/
dissolving the moat,
needing a BIGGER boat
/i’m stoked!

Spoken Word Artist
Shannon Kringen/Goddess KRING


HappyHALLOWEEN from Goddess KRING!


jumpkring_w906077_10156214317615243_2236501203036690628_o12195050_10156214313850243_622173219482751070_o12052564_10156214318520243_3810888033418872730_o12065720_10156214317435243_6414365956048668775_n12138513_10156214317550243_7299884713661447053_oshannon kringen goddess kring jumping for joy in st. helens england.


Kitty Keesoon and me taking a bath.
My mom is caring for him while I’m in England. He’s curious about the water! I made a video too:

Keesoon and Goddess Kring in the bath


the hardest part of traveling is leaving my kitty! my mom offered to care for him while i am gone. so grateful. she is great with cats like me (my dad is too….runs in my family. my grandma and grandpa and step dad were too)

more of my photography:
Intuitive Natural Artist Shannon Nicole Kringen


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