Photo by Shannon Kringen published in Visit Seattle Magazine winter/spring 2014/15.

whole hole classic, edited

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Art Model Shannon Kringen for Hire in #Seattle
will travel world wide for room and board.

Shannon Kringen
P O BOX 20355
Seattle, WA 98102


he is so cooperative! he sits on my lap when i lift him up and then he sits on my chair when i put him there.

Keesoon is a lap cat! (Stella was not so this is a fun change).


just made this amazing dinner for myself!  having a cat makes me feel more domestic!

makes me wanna cook for someone!

chopped up onion and garlic and added mixed veggies, chicken, toasted sesame oil and sriracha sauce….and olive oil. smells so good! my first attempt at cashew/chicken/sesame oil/veggie stir fry


my new kitty Keesoon who i adopted a few days ago. he’s adjusting very quickly!


my new kitty “Keesoon” which means “kitty” in Russian!

Keesoon cuddled with me off and on through the night. he is very quiet and did not wake me up!  i miss Stella a lot….just like i missed Tux when i first got Stella.  all cats are so different!  but its fun to see how the personality is of each one as i bond….grateful.  Keesoon’s previous people told me he hid under the bed last time they moved for two days…so the fact that Keesoon came right out to me when he hid under my bed last night is amazing and a good sign that he is adjusting very fast to my apartment and me as his new human.


i love x-rays! i have no cavities! yeah. my dentist was so nice to me….she calmed down my anxiety right away. i get one free dental exam per year with my low income health care. glad i don’t need any fillings!


i am adopting this cat named “KEESOON” tomorrow night!


i am happy and proud of my talent in doing self portraits….but sad about not being comfortable enough with other people when they photograph me to get the good results i get when being both model and photographer. i have modeled for some great photographers and yet the best images of me are the ones i take of myself alone. i have more CONFIDENCE alone than i do with other people around. working solo is my FORTE. it’s also sad to me that this kind of gift i have comes off as a form of Narcissism to some people= when for me it’s a RELIEF to work solo and make good art while in solitude then share with others. it’s my way of giving myself to the world.
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THANKS IN ADVANCE: if anyone in ‪#‎Seattle‬ wants to gift me a deep tissue massage certificate i am open to it! i am afraid to spend the money on one for myself. send massage gift certificates to: Shannon Kringen P O BOX 20355 Seattle, WA 98102 or donate money for a massage to me via pay pal here: http://www.shannonkringen.com/contact.htm


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