raw meat diet for cats and dogs is very healthy and safe. my cat thrives

the bacteria in raw meat foods for cats and dogs is safe. cats and dogs stomachs are much tougher than human stomachs. my cat is thriving on this raw meat diet i feed him. (also when raw meat is frozen for at least 3 days some of the bad bacteria dies and most of the good bacteria is alive and is good for your dog and cat.) live enzymes are good for cats in dogs in the raw meat foods.

raw meat food for cats and dogs. my cat is thriving.
my cat keesoon continues to do well on his raw meat diet! i am not using any canned or dry foods. they are not raw. the only food that is raw is frozen in plastic containers and freeze dried in bags and you add water and mush up like gravy with both frozen and freeze dried “raw meat”. make sure it’s raw meat and not cooked. the canned foods and dry kibble are all cooked meats and don’t have the nutritional value that raw meat has with live enzymes. plus they add starchy fillers to all canned and dry foods usually and heat them up and put weird preservatives in them. the kind of raw meat foods i feed my cat have no fillers and no preservatives/chemicals. he is doing very well with digestion= pee and poop and he’s very playful and his eyes look happy and content. i am lucky my cat switched over to raw with no issues. most cats and dogs you have to transition slowly i guess? my cat seemed ready for this change. cold turkey i changed his diet weeks ago and he’s been thriving. i get these foods at the natural pet stores in seattle. “all the best” and “mud bay” very good places.

if you have a cat or dog i highly recommend switching them to a raw meat diet. (found at health food pet stores or you can make your own recipe mixture with the right balance of meat/vitamins/minerals etc be careful to get the balance right) commercial cat and dog food is very unhealthy for the most part. pets can “adapt” but not thrive on them. feeding cats and dogs commercial pet food is like humans eating tv dinners and fake processed junk fast food 3 meals a day. not good for humans or pets! even “natural grain free” cat and dog food has junk filler in it. i found that out the hard way when my cat started having blood sugar issues and digestion and he suddenly started not wanting any of his food. now he eats every drop of the raw food i give him daily. loves it so much and has normal blood sugar and a lot of energy and good digestion.

my cat is so healthy and happy now on raw meat diet with no fake stuff added to it! not added sugar or carbs. protein and fat from meats. vitamins and minerals and no junk. no wheat, no gluten, no starches, no potato starch and rice flour. meat. no corn. no wheat no soy etc. cats do not need carbs- they actually can give cats diabetes. my cat is very healthy now.

i feed my cat freeze dried and frozen raw meat food made for pets from a local health food pet store. i mix with water and mush up with a fork. try this out for your cat or dog. my cat has gotten much healthier very quickly on this diet. he’s happy and eats every drop of this food! he used to not eat 1/2 of the previous food i would give him that was “grain free” but had guar gum and rice and potato and all kinds of high starch fillers.

now he just gets high protein meats and here is a list of the ingrediants in the “rad cat raw frozen” food i feed him:

Organic chicken thigh and leg meat, organic chicken heart, organic chicken liver, filtered water, powdered egg yolk, powdered eggshell, organic dulse, gelatin, organic psyllium husk powder, manganese gluconate.

and in the freeze dried i feed him:

Northwest Naturals: Freeze Dried Cat Nibbles

Chicken, Chicken Necks, Chicken Hearts, Chicken Liver, Egg, Ground Flaxseed, Kelp, Organic Dulse Powder, Gelatin, Organic Psyllium Husk Powder, Fish Oil, Potassium Chloride, Sodium Chloride, Taurine, Vitamin B Supplement, Zinc Proteinate, Iron Proteinate, Vitamin E Supplement, Copper Proteinate, Manganese Proteinate, Mixed Tocopherols (as preservative), Vitamin D Supplement.

*Fish Oil, Combination of Alaska Wild Caught Salmon, Pollock and Herring oils.

dr. karen becker has good videos on how to switch your cat or dog safely to a raw meat diet. also the documentary “pet fooled” on netflix has good information on how unhealty most pet foods are.

feeding your cat or dog commerical pet food is like humans eating fast food and tv dinners every day for meals. this makes human sick. pets don’t thrive on commercial canned and dry pet foods. they need whole natural high quality meats with vitamins and minerals and raw enzymes like they would get if hunting game and eating the animal raw.

more of Dr. Karen Becker here: