i resonate with this video BIG TIME. “The Priceless Benefits of Not Belonging” https://youtu.be/mDGOZWp5iGk

Totally love that video “the priceless benefits of not belonging”. and I resonate with every point that guy is making. I totally identify with enjoying the freedom of being an individual and questioning everything. I also tend to see every single person I meet as an individual instead of lumping them into some category and stereotype of who they are or who they are not… I’ve always been this way since I was like a little tiny kid and even more so now with things happening in the world the way they are in this like pressure to conform to things that I just don’t believe I want to conform to. People think and tribal ways and want to copy and conform to each other and yeah I follow certain rules but mostly I like to express my individuality as much as I can and when I noticed other people I tend to notice what makes them unique and different that’s what I’m attracted to is what is unique and different… I guess people just want to feel safe and put things into categories but I think it’s really artificial the way we categorize things and separate things everything is unique and individual and we’re all creating this together I’ve always been somebody who wanted to question everything and not just go along with things…

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This is a bit of a soap box but I’m really sad to see that there are many dogs and cats that are completely addicted to pet food that has wheat gluten in it and all kinds of other fillers and synthetic things and carbohydrates that are not good for dogs and cats health and it lacks the actual protein and nutrients that they actually synthetic things in a can etc….which is the worst thing that a dog or cat could eat for their health and then people take their pets to the vet who prescribe medication for them instead of improving the pet’s diet the medications may or may not actually help the pet it’s really sad to see dogs and cats suffer because they’re not getting the proper nutrition that they need that’s the most important thing for both humans and dogs and cats is really really good nutrition and fresh air exercise enough sleep enough hydration good clean water etc health is something that I’m very interested in and our healthcare system is not really about health it’s mostly about chemicals and avoiding talking about proper nutrition or even giving people the wrong information about nutrition but I’m not going to say what I believe is healthy here because I don’t want to argue with anybody but let’s just say that me and my cat I think are on very healthy nutritious diets. And I choose what I eat and I don’t listen to someone else boss me around about it. My cat is on a mostly raw meat nutritionally balanced diet for all cats life stages that I get at the health food pet store so I feed my cat very carefully but he’s not on any medications and he’s 15 years old and he’s doing well he’s an older cat but he’s doing well he gets fresh air everyday and exercise and really healthy food and I never feed him any junk food. A lot of the mainstream pet food that people feed their dogs and cats is kind of like the equivalent of humans eating fast food and Twinkies etc… I’m lucky that my cat switch to a raw meat diet with an easy transition most dogs and cats are very picky and it’s hard to switch their food but my cat went right along with the raw meat diet. Basically I keep his food in the freezer and I just thaw it out as needed to keep it fresh… it’s kind of high maintenance but I love making sure my cat is healthy and his digestion is really good his pee and his poop is really healthy…. What I when I had him on a not as good of a diet he had like loose stool and kind of gross things happening in his Kitty box I never since I switched him to a raw meat diet his poops have been a really nice medium brown to dark brown color and they’re just the right texture sorry if this gross is anybody out but his texture his I mean sorry his digestion is very very good and it’s been that way ever since I switched him to a raw meat diet for cats. I also have really good digestion but I won’t go into detail on that. And I’ll say that I don’t need to take my cat to the vet hardly ever and I haven’t for the last two or three years because he hasn’t needed anything he’s just been eating properly and I just give him lots and lots of love and affection and attention and he doesn’t seem to need any veterinary care so far.